• All OUT for Kshama Sawant: Drag Show at Chop Suey

    Come out for an exciting night of drag, and dancing at Chop Suey. All proceeds go towards re-electing Kshama Sawant, the councilmember money can’t buy! Featuring: 🌈 Left at London 🌈 Atasha Manila 🌈 Thadayus 🌈 Donnatella Howe 🌈 Mizz Honey Bucket 🌈 DJ Reverend Dollars

    Tickets are $10 in advance / $15 at the door - get yours today & invite your friends on facebook.

    Please note, this event is 21+.What's at stake this year is who runs Seattle - Amazon and big business or working people. Since Kshama was first elected in 2013, our movements have won powerful victories, like the $15/hour minimum wage and landmark renters rights. At the same time, rents have skyrocketed, and our city has increasingly become a playground for big developers and the wealthy. Working people, especially LGBTQ and communities of color, have been economically evicted from Capitol Hill, the Central District, and from Seattle.

    Our movements for affordable housing have just begun. Big business is determined to use this election year to try and defeat us. They will use big corporate cash to try and get Kshama out of City Hall. We can’t let them buy this election! We need more, not fewer, working-class representatives like Kshama who don’t take a penny from corporate interests, and fight unambiguously for working and oppressed people. Join us May 23rd to go all out and fight for the city we need:

    Tax Amazon and Big Business to Fund a Massive Expansion of Social Housing: Build tens of thousands of high-quality, publicly-owned, permanently-affordable homes, as an alternative to the failed for-profit market. The affordable housing and homelessness crisis disproportionately affects LGBTQ community members and people of color. We need rent control and a tenants' bill of rights.

    Fully Fund LGBTQ Services: Fund an LGBTQ Center. Expand mental health services, and fund social alternatives to over policing. Make corporate landlords pay for homeless services with a tax on vacant luxury units. Fight for an improved Medicare-for-All that includes gender-affirming surgeries, hormones, and LGBTQ healthcare.

    End Harassment and Fight Hate Crimes: Establish an independent elected office to investigate workplace sexual and gender harassment, with full powers to hold corporations accountable. Fund a 24-hour hate crime hotline. Fully fund education and anti-bullying material in schools and workplaces. Fight Trump! Regardless of federal policy, Seattle should reject companies that have discriminatory practices and policies.

    Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 07:30 PM through May 24, 2019 · $10.00 USD
    Chop Suey
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  • Fight for the City We Need

    Speakers include:
    * Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember, District 3, Socialist Alternative
    * Shaun Scott, Seattle City Council candidate, District 4, Democratic Socialists of America
    * Rev. Robert Jeffrey, Sr., New Hope Missionary Baptist Church*

    Seattle is rapidly becoming a playground for the rich, while working families and people of color are being gentrified out of our neighborhoods. Seattle rents are now among the highest in the nation, and on average, one of our District 4 neighbors is evicted every other day!

    As Amazon and big business make record profits, KOMO News’ right-wing, anti-homeless documentary “Seattle is Dying” simply proposes to double down on the same inhumane and ineffective tactics that got us here - the further criminalization of poverty and homelessness - while providing no solutions to the affordable housing crisis. We must reject these right wing attacks.

    We need real solutions for affordable housing like rent control - a citywide cap on rent increases, limiting them to inflation and without corporate loopholes. We need a massive expansion of social housing for working people, paid for by taxing Amazon and big business.

    To win, we can’t accept the corporate “politics as usual” in City Hall that got us here in the first place. We need to elect socialist and working class candidates this year who are accountable to our movement - not to the big developers and corporate lobbyists.

    * Seattle Needs Rent Control - End Economic Evictions
    * Tax Amazon - Build Affordable Housing
    * Make Corporate Landlords Pay - Fund Homeless Services with a Tax on Vacant Units
    Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 06:30 PM
    New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
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