We're closing the gap! Your help needed to fight for every vote

Yesterday’s latest ballot returns were very promising — we received 59.6% of the latest ballot count of 6,000 additional ballots, bringing the difference between our vote count and our opponent’s from over 8% down to 2.5% (48.52% for us vs 51.02% for our opponent)!

Our chances of defeating Jeff Bezos in this election have greatly increased. Approximately 14,000 votes remain to be counted, and we could secure a majority if this trend continues. This also means that it’s more important than ever to fight for every vote!

We set an ambitious goal of raising $15,000 by Saturday, when we will launch a major grassroots effort to make sure that every vote is counted in this extremely close election. This could make the difference between defending Councilmember Kshama Sawant's historic seat for working people or losing our seat to big business. 
Can you contribute $5, $25, $250 — whatever you can — during this crucial time?

We’ve faced the most aggressive corporate onslaught in the history of Seattle’s elections, and possibly of any city council election campaign in the country. 

Amazon poured in a record-breaking $1.5 million to stop taxes on big business. Vulcan and the Washington Association of Realtors spent a combined $380,000 against rent control. And Puget Sound Energy, one of the region’s biggest polluters, spent $30,000 to stop a Green New Deal.

But we didn’t back down. 

Imagine the confidence of working people in Seattle — and across the country — to fight for this type of progressive change if we can successfully stop the corporate establishment and the richest man in the world’s most determined efforts to buy our city.

We know that that Amazon will leave no stone unturned. They will challenge votes in an effort to disenfranchise supporters. They will cure ballots too. 

The worst mistake we could make at this moment would be to take our foot off the gas.

We have a goal of mobilizing 150 volunteers to launch a ballot curing push this Saturday, 10 am at Langston Hughes Institute  — 
RSVP here! We will revisit supporters whose ballots were “spoiled,” usually because they didn’t sign their ballot, to make sure that their votes are counted. 

We have to hit our fundraising goal of raising $15,000 by this Saturday in order to fund this major grassroots effort. Your donation will make it possible for us to maintain a staff of field organizers, rent community spaces to organize trainings on ballot curing, and inform voters about the need to correct their ballots. 

We know that working people like yourself have made incredible sacrifices to make this campaign possible, but we're asking you to dig deep and make one more donation to a campaign that’s not for sale to the highest corporate bidder.

Thank you in advance,

Kshama Sawant

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