Tech Workers for Sawant

The 2 person, $100 billion club, with members Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, is headquartered right here in the Seattle area. Together, they own more wealth than half of the entire U.S. population, while at the same time, Seattle becomes increasingly unaffordable and we have the highest homeless population per capita of any city in the country.

Kshama Sawant has fearlessly fought against Jeff Bezos’ control of the city and tax handouts to big business while at the same time standing unwaveringly with Amazon workers. Struggles like #TechWontBuildIt, the google walkouts against sexual harassment, and the Momazonians, which point to the massive power tech workers can hold if we get organized and fight back. As tech workers, we stand with Kshama Sawant in the fight for the city working people need:

* Affordable Housing for All! The for-profit housing market has failed us. We need rent control, an increase in tenant’s rights. We need a major expansion of social housing based on hiring union labor, paid for by taxing Amazon and big business.
* A Green New Deal! For a major expansion of mass transit as part of making Seattle 100% renewable by 2030. This can create thousands of family-wage union jobs, paid for by taxing the rich, as a major contribution towards addressing the looming climate crisis.
* From #MeToo to #Fightback! End the gender pay gap. Establish an independent, elected office to address workplace sexual harassment with full powers to hold corporations accountable.

* Drinks and snacks will be provided *

At Erik's home in Capitol Hill. Please RSVP for details

May 18, 2019 at 7pm - 9pm
Erik's Home in Capitol Hill
Eva · · 4438342870

Will you come?

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