Support airline catering workers taking strike action!

Delta, Alaska, and American Airlines are boasting record profits, while their workers are struggling for their basic needs. The hospitality workers who load airline food and beverages are fighting back! They have courageously authorized strike action — by over 99% at SeaTac! — to demand better pay and affordable healthcare.

#TeamKshama unequivocally supports not only these SeaTac workers organized with Unite Here! Local 8, but also the over 11,000 workers in 20 other cities across the country who are voting on whether to take strike action. Councilmember Kshama Sawant, a rank and file member of AFT 1789 herself, has been a consistent fighter for working people and unions on the Seattle City Council, and we’re proud to have Unite Here! Local 8’s endorsement for our re-election campaign.

Instead of backing down to lesser offers, these hospitality workers have forced the bosses into federal mediation for denying them a fair contract. Nationally, many of these workers are still fighting to win raises to $15/hour. Five years ago, Councilmember Sawant worked alongside labor and unorganized minimum wage workers, socialists, and our 15NOW campaign, to build the movement that won Seattle’s historic $15 minimum wage.

Additionally, Unite Here! hotel workers at Embassy Suites in Seattle have been taking action against the bosses for a fair contract since last September. Join #TeamKshama on the picket lines this Tuesday at 2pm to support Unite Here! hotel workers demanding “One Job Should Be Enough!”

Big business is used to getting their way, which is why Amazon and other corporate interests have flooded $1 million into corporate PACs to back “anybody but Kshama.” This is because Kshama’s Council Office not only gets things done with residents in District 3, but has led movements to win millions for affordable housing and new renters’ protections while walking the picket lines in solidarity with union workers taking action. From SEA teachers to SEIU security workers at Amazon, worker actions have shown that when we organize, we can win — a union, a better contract, stronger workplace protections. Let’s fight for a Seattle that’s affordable for all working people.

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