Sierra Club, SEIU Local 6 and ATU Local 587 All Join #TeamKshama

We’re excited to announce four more big endorsements for our campaign: the Sierra Club, Washington State Chapter; ATU Local 587, representing 4,500 public transit workers; SEIU Local 6, representing over 7,000 janitors, security officers, airport passenger service workers, and allied industries workers; and UAW 1981/National Writers Union, representing freelance writers!

We’re proud that we now lead Seattle’s District 3 race in labor endorsements with twelve unions and counting: SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW, SEIU Local 6, Unite Here! Local 8, UAW 4121, ATU Local 587, Operating Engineers Local 609, Laborers Local 1239, WFSE 1488, WFSE 3488, WFSE 304, UAW 1981, and the Greater Seattle Area American Postal Workers’ Union.

We’re also honored to have the endorsement of the Washington Chapter of the Sierra Club. With the extreme threat of climate change, we are using our campaign this year’s campaign to build momentum for a Green New Deal, to make Seattle 100% renewable by 2030.

Additionally, we are endorsed by the National Women’s Political Caucus, the Democratic Socialists of America and Socialist Alternative, as well as dozens of powerful community leaders. In addition, Democratic activists with the Democratic Party’s 37th District won a "no consensus" vote in May, widely seen as a victory for our campaign (as a Socialist Alternative candidate independent of the Democratic Party, the bylaws of the 37th LD barred Kshama from seeking their formal endorsement).

We’re extremely proud that so many fighting unions in Seattle have already endorsed us this year. SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW represents over 30,000 nurses, health care workers, and behavioral health workers. Councilmember Kshama Sawant was proud to walk the picket line with courageous SEIU Healthcare 1199NW workers at Swedish Medical Center in 2015 and at Harborview in 2016. She has also fought alongside the union for policies working families in Seattle need, like $15/hr, paid family and parental leave, and a tax on Amazon and Seattle’s biggest businesses to fund affordable housing.

UAW 4121 represents over 4,500 workers at the University of Washington. In addition to fighting for workers’ rights for their members, the union fights for social and economic justice on campus and in the community through participation in a broad range of organizations and struggles. When graduate student workers in UAW 4121 went on strike last year, Kshama joined them on the picket line and sponsored a resolution in City Hall calling on the UW administration to pay them a living wage.  

Kshama has fought in solidarity with security workers at Amazon, organizing with SEIU 6, against discrimination and Islamophobia, the flouting of labor laws, and even illegitimate firings by Amazon executives. In recent weeks, these workers just defeated the world’s richest man, forcing Amazon to dump its private contractor and recognize the union. We’re incredibly proud to have the endorsement of an Amazon workers’ union this year as we fight for rent control and for taxing Amazon and big business to fund a massive expansion of social housing for working people.

A rank-and-file member of AFT1789 herself, Kshama Sawant has been one of the most consistent fighters for working people and unions to ever sit on the Seattle City Council. As John Frazier, President of WFSE Local 3488 at Harborview Medical Center, explained: “Kshama Sawant has been a powerful force for the people — leading the way on the $15 minimum wage, landmark renters' rights laws, and fighting for workers' rights. We need to keep her voice in City Hall.”

Councilmember Kshama Sawant has consistently fought in the interests of working people, which means standing up to Amazon, the Chamber of Commerce, and big developers. Already, corporate PACs have amassed $1 million for ‘anybody but Kshama Sawant,’ $200,000 of that from Amazon alone. We can’t let Amazon and big business buy this election.

Our campaign doesn’t take a dime in corporate cash. Instead, we are funded by over 1,000 working people in Seattle, with the most grassroots donors of any campaign in Seattle’s District 3 race, including the most donors from within District 3. And in a year with a record-breaking 56 candidates filing for Seattle’s City Council elections, we were also proud that ours was the only campaign in the entire city to qualify for office by collecting signatures. With 3,500 signatures from voters in District 3, we collected almost 3 times the required number in only 3 weeks’ time.

In addition to the twelve unions and the progressive organizations like the Sierra Club which have already endorsed our campaign, we’re honored to be endorsed by dozens of powerful community leaders, workers and activists. To see all our endorsements, please visit the new Endorsements page on our website! Join #TeamKshama: donate today and add your personal endorsement here.

Personal Endorsements

John Frazier
President of WFSE Local 3488 at Harborview Medical Center
“Kshama Sawant has been a powerful force for the people - leading the way on the $15 minimum wage, landmark renters' rights laws, and fighting for workers' rights. We need to keep her voice in City Hall.”
Mac McGregor
LGBTQ community leader and activist
“If you want thoughts and prayers, there are many other offices to call. If you want action, Kshama's office is the one to call. Because hers is the one that gets stuff done.”
Ubah Warsame
Community leader and activist, Somali Health Board*
“It is a must for Kshama to be in City Hall. She is the one that when we reach out, when people need her, she is there. Kshama, we’re with you, and we’re going to continue that fight together.“
Matt Remle
Cofounder, Mazaska Talks, Editor and writer for Last Real Indians, Hunkpapa Lakota
“When we reached out to Kshama with the Indigenous Peoples Day resolution, we actually had been trying for years in this city, multiple years, in liberal Seattle, to get a resolution to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, and we were met with silence, literally silence. Until she was elected, and I want to say you responded back within a couple of hours, and said 'that's what we got elected for, to support communities, to support oppressed communities, and we will absolutely take on this issue.'”
Larry Gossett
King County Councilmember
“We have class and racial oppression and Kshama Sawant has never been afraid to challenge those two things. We must all work together to re-elect Kshama Sawant.”
Reverend Dr. Robert L. Jeffrey, Sr
Pastor, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
“Racism has taken on a new character. Wealth and privilege is the new mantra. We can’t sit idly by while multi-billionaires are displacing entire communities. What we’re against is the super rich dominating society while the homeless are being left on the street, where people with middle incomes are being driven further and further out of Seattle. That’s why I’m behind Kshama and her re-election.”
Maru Mora Villalpando
Immigrant rights leader
“The reason why I support Kshama is because precisely in Seattle, it’s a clear fight. I’m one of millions of people across the nation who are facing this monster, and usually what we hear from local officials is 'deportations are a federal issue'. They’re just passing the buck. There’s this idea that Seattle so progressive. That we’re is a 'sanctuary city'. Yet there’s a building on 2nd Avenue where ICE is located, which is really the epicenter for deportations in this state and beyond.”
Jesse Hagopian
Seattle teacher, Seattle Education Association member, SEE member*
“There are a lot of politicians who make empty platitudes about the youth being the future. There are very few who actually fight to defend public education so that the future of our youth can be bright. We live a city with unimaginable wealth at time of unprecedented growth and a booming economy. And yet we have hundreds of homeless students in the Seattle Public Schools and a $40 million dollar budget shortfall leading to hundreds of teachers being displaced from their schools. Kshama Sawant has been one of the few politicians who has been a consistent champion for our schools and our educators... and, most importantly, she knows that her job is to support educators, students, and parents to rise up to create the fundamental change we need in public education.”
Shannon Morrison
Indigenous People’s Day planning committee, a co-chair of CANOES for City of Seattle Native American Employees, and a member of the Tlingit tribe
“Kshama’s been supportive of us with replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, fighting for $15/hr, fighting to end homelessness, to divest from Well Fargo. All these issues have had an impact on the Duwamish community.”
David Parsons
President, UAW 4121 representing 5,500 academic workers at the University of Washington
“Whether you’re a part of a union or not, we’re all part of a labor movement, and increasingly a fighting labor movement that is working together and working with champions like Kshama to fight the worst excesses of capitalism.”
Juan Bocanegra
Supportive Director at El Comite and lead organizer of the May 1st Action Coalition*
“The only way we will win is by getting people like Kshama who are willing to stick out their necks. Many politicians are afraid of big business. Kshama is not at all - it’s uncanny. Some people ask if she’s abrasive. These companies are the ones destroying our environment. The devastation of these communities, the destruction, that’s what’s abrasive.”
Workie Wubushet
Owner of Saba Ethiopan Cuisine, a small business in District 3
“Our restaurant has been here for 20 years. Since I reached out to Kshama Sawant, the fear of being evicted was removed. Now I am not alone in the fight against gentrification!”

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