Don't Let Rich Republicans Buy This Election!

You may have heard about how Amazon has given $1.5 million to the corporate PAC behind our opponent, but have you heard about all the wealthy Republican donors joining in? 

Here are just a few of the more than one hundred wealthy Republican donors who have donated to our opponent’s campaign:

Richard Hedreen

* Seattle hotel mogul and notorious union buster

* Owner of the only two Washington hotels on the AFL-CIO’s national boycott list

* Major donor to the Republican Party of Washington

Donation to our opponent: $500 (maximum)

PAC donations: $40,000 to CASE, $10,000 to “People for Seattle” corporate PAC

John Stanton

* Venture capitalist and chairman of Trilogy International Partners, a $70 billion communications investment corporation

* Owner of the Seattle Mariners

* One of the top Republican donors in Washington State

Donation to our opponent: $500 (maximum)

PAC donations: $25,000 to“People for Seattle” 

Frank Shrontz

* Former CEO of Boeing

* Major donor to the pro-Trump PAC, Victory 2016, and the Republican Party of Washington

* Funded notoriously anti-LGBTQ Republicans like Dino Rossi, Jaime Herrera Beutler, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Donation to our opponent: $500 (maximum)

And then there are the wealthy Trump donors: 

Image source: The Stranger

What about our opponent makes him the darling of prominent wealthy Republican donors? As The Stranger’s Rich Smith explained in an article titled, “Republican Donors are Pouring Money into Egan’s Campaign:

Is Orion up for sale? He has been quite impressionable so far this campaign season. Early on he told The Stranger he wouldn't accept an endorsement from CASE, but now he welcomes their endorsement. Before he started "talking to people," he was all for safe injection sites. But now he thinks the data isn't clear (it is). He also recently came out against the cap on move-in fees, which prevent landlords from charging more than 10% of one month's rent in nonrefundable fees, arguing that the law might force landlords to raise rents. Low and behold, landlords used that same bullshit reasoning in their opposition to the bill, which was sponsored by Sawant and City Council Member Lisa Herbold.

While our opponent is bankrolled by maxed out checks from rich Republicans and corporate executives, we’re proud to be running a powerful grassroots campaign with a median donation of just $20, compared to our opponent’s average donation of $100

Our campaign is not for sale to rich Republicans, billionaire developers, and corporate CEOs. Ballots have been sent out and voting has begun. We’re proud that we’ve set the record for the most amount of individual donors for any election campaign in Seattle history, with over 6,000 people chipping in, and without a dime in corporate cash! But as we face off against a record-breaking assault from rich Republicans, big developers, and corporate interests, we need working people like yourself to continue to dig deep.

We can’t let rich Republicans buy this election! Pitch in $15, $50, or $500 today to re-elect Seattle’s proud socialist and representative of working people, Kshama Sawant.

Thank you for your support. Together we can do this.

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