It Begins: Amazon Donates $200,000 to Corporate PAC

What’s at stake in this year’s elections is who runs Seattle: Amazon and big business, or working people. And already, Amazon has begun to weigh in. The Seattle Times reported this week that Amazon dumped a whopping $200,000 into the Chamber of Commerce’s corporate PAC, CASE

The Chamber of Commerce’s corporate PAC now has a war chest of almost $500,000. But this is just a start. “It’s a big deal contribution, let’s not sugarcoat it,” said one Seattle political insider quoted in the Seattle Times. “When a company like Amazon makes a statement like that, other businesses peg the amount they give to that, which bodes well for CASE.” 

We can expect a relentless corporate onslaught this year against Kshama Sawant, who has been fighting fearlessly to Tax Amazon and has spearheaded a series of major victories for working people in Seattle which have angered big business.

Can you chip in $15 today to beat back the corporate PAC?

As CASE’s Executive Director, Markham McIntyre, explained: “They’re the city’s largest employer...they’re really focused on supporting candidates who are accountable.” Of course what big business means by this is candidates and politicians who are “accountable” to them. Councilmember Kshama Sawant has proven over and over that you can’t serve two bosses: elected officials cannot be accountable to working people and to corporate giants like Amazon at the same time.

Last year, Jeff Bezos threatened 7,000 jobs to try to defeat the Amazon Tax, then applied intensive backroom pressure to force its repeal a month after it was unanimously passed by the City Council  and just a few weeks ago, he announced that he’s moving the jobs anyway! We need more, not fewer, working-class representatives like Kshama who will stand up to corporate bullying. But to stop Amazon and big business from buying this year’s elections, we need your help.

Corporate executives can flood hundreds of thousands of dollars into a corporate PAC overnight. Even $200,000 is just a drop in the bucket for Amazon: Jeff Bezos alone makes that back in less than 2 minutes! As always, Kshama Sawant is not for sale to big business, corporate lobbyists, and CEOs. This campaign is funded entirely on tremendous sacrifice from lots of working people, and we’re proud to say that over 1,000 people have already chipped in.

Every donation, from $5 to $500, adds up. Please dig deep today and donate to re-elect Kshama Sawant.

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