Organization Endorsements

Personal Endorsements

Nick Licata
Former Seattle City Councilmember
“Whether it was the $15 minimum wage, rent control, or city income tax, Councilmember Kshama Sawant has pushed that discussion on the Seattle City Council. She has never wavered on her commitment to fight for working people’s needs. Seattle has benefited from her being on the City Council and I see her continuing to speak out for those residents who have the greatest needs. Progressives can count on her, and she deserves their support.”
John Frazier
President of WFSE Local 3488 at Harborview Medical Center
“Kshama Sawant has been a powerful force for the people - leading the way on the $15 minimum wage, landmark renters' rights laws, and fighting for workers' rights. We need to keep her voice in City Hall.”
Mac McGregor
LGBTQ community leader and activist
“If you want thoughts and prayers, there are many other offices to call. If you want action, Kshama's office is the one to call. Because hers is the one that gets stuff done.”
Ubah Warsame
Community leader and activist, Somali Health Board*
“It is a must for Kshama to be in City Hall. She is the one that when we reach out, when people need her, she is there. Kshama, we’re with you, and we’re going to continue that fight together.“
Matt Remle
Cofounder, Mazaska Talks, Editor and writer for Last Real Indians, Hunkpapa Lakota
“When we reached out to Kshama with the Indigenous Peoples Day resolution, we actually had been trying for years in this city, multiple years, in liberal Seattle, to get a resolution to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, and we were met with silence, literally silence. Until she was elected, and I want to say you responded back within a couple of hours, and said 'that's what we got elected for, to support communities, to support oppressed communities, and we will absolutely take on this issue.'”
Amy Madden
Leader in 43rd LD Democrats, 43rd PCO*
“Again and again, Kshama Sawant has stood with the underrepresented and marginalized communities in our city. She has supported coalitions of community groups, including progressive activists from the 43rd, to organize and achieve victory after victory for our communities... It’s not enough to take the right stand at election time. Kshama has shown us that she will fight for us 24/7. We need to keep an organizer and powerful movement-builder on the City Council. We need to re-elect Kshama Sawant.“
Larry Gossett
King County Councilmember
“We have class and racial oppression and Kshama Sawant has never been afraid to challenge those two things. We must all work together to re-elect Kshama Sawant.”
Reverend Dr. Robert L. Jeffrey, Sr
Pastor, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
“Racism has taken on a new character. Wealth and privilege is the new mantra. We can’t sit idly by while multi-billionaires are displacing entire communities. What we’re against is the super rich dominating society while the homeless are being left on the street, where people with middle incomes are being driven further and further out of Seattle. That’s why I’m behind Kshama and her re-election.”
Maru Mora Villalpando
Immigrant rights leader
“The reason why I support Kshama is because precisely in Seattle, it’s a clear fight. I’m one of millions of people across the nation who are facing this monster, and usually what we hear from local officials is 'deportations are a federal issue'. They’re just passing the buck. There’s this idea that Seattle so progressive. That we’re is a 'sanctuary city'. Yet there’s a building on 2nd Avenue where ICE is located, which is really the epicenter for deportations in this state and beyond.”
Jesse Hagopian
Seattle teacher, Seattle Education Association member, SEE member*
“There are a lot of politicians who make empty platitudes about the youth being the future. There are very few who actually fight to defend public education so that the future of our youth can be bright. We live a city with unimaginable wealth at time of unprecedented growth and a booming economy. And yet we have hundreds of homeless students in the Seattle Public Schools and a $40 million dollar budget shortfall leading to hundreds of teachers being displaced from their schools. Kshama Sawant has been one of the few politicians who has been a consistent champion for our schools and our educators... and, most importantly, she knows that her job is to support educators, students, and parents to rise up to create the fundamental change we need in public education.”
Shannon Morrison
Indigenous People’s Day planning committee, a co-chair of CANOES for City of Seattle Native American Employees, and a member of the Tlingit tribe
“Kshama’s been supportive of us with replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, fighting for $15/hr, fighting to end homelessness, to divest from Well Fargo. All these issues have had an impact on the Duwamish community.”
David Parsons
President, UAW 4121 representing 5,500 academic workers at the University of Washington
“Whether you’re a part of a union or not, we’re all part of a labor movement, and increasingly a fighting labor movement that is working together and working with champions like Kshama to fight the worst excesses of capitalism.”
Juan Bocanegra
Supportive Director at El Comite and lead organizer of the May 1st Action Coalition*
“The only way we will win is by getting people like Kshama who are willing to stick out their necks. Many politicians are afraid of big business. Kshama is not at all - it’s uncanny. Some people ask if she’s abrasive. These companies are the ones destroying our environment. The devastation of these communities, the destruction, that’s what’s abrasive.”
Workie Wubushet
Owner of Saba Ethiopan Cuisine, a small business in District 3
“Our restaurant has been here for 20 years. Since I reached out to Kshama Sawant, the fear of being evicted was removed. Now I am not alone in the fight against gentrification!”
Linda Soriano
Lummi Nation
“Kshama is a trailblazer who makes things happen! She is a voice for all people, diligently and tirelessly involved with issues that affect us all — especially oppressed communities and indigenous people. I am honored to endorse her.”
Roxanne White
Yakama, Nez Perce & Nooksack grassroots leader for Native Rights, Social Justice and Missing and Murdered Indigenous People
“Kshama Sawant is a phenomenal women! I would like everyone to lift this strong, loving, passionate leader up in your prayers. Let’s return the love by endorsing and voting for #KshamaSawant!”
Paula Lukaszek
President of WFSE Local 1488, Plumber at the University of Washington
“The thing I admire about Kshama is she takes up causes that very few people in City Hall are willing to take up. There’s very few social justice issues that Kshama doesn’t either initiate or work with others to get going. I’m talking about immigration issues, pay equality, discrimination, harassment, affordable housing, rent control, eviction, and homelessness. Any time there are social justice issues in this city Kshama is there to support people.”
Shua Sanchez
Member of UAW Local 4121 at the University of Washington, local musician and a key organizer in the struggle to save the Showbox Theatre
“A developer tried to sell off this cultural hub in Seattle. One hundred thousand people signed a petition at Then who did they call? Kshama! Because we organized and built a movement, we went from one vote on City Council to a unanimous decision to Save the Showbox.”
David Yao
Vice President, APWU Greater Seattle Local
“I’m really happy that there is someone on our City Council who is not willing to go along to get along, who is willing to build a real movement for affordable housing.”
Amy Hagopian
University of Washington professor and SEIU 925 member
"Councilmember Sawant has led an aggressive campaign to push Seattle politics to left. She is perhaps best known for one of her first efforts — passing a historic city ordinance to gain a $15 minimum wage for all city workers... The city council needs a left-wing anchor to show the rest of the members where the goal post is. No other district will send such a candidate."
Shirley Henderson
Owner of Squirrel Chops, a small business in District 3
“We don’t need another corporate representative in city hall. We need someone like Kshama who has fought with small business, the LGBTQ community, and the poor...Kshama has proved herself over and over again to be the accessible City Councilmember we need, answering phone calls, holding rallies, and opening up her office to ordinary people.”
Hassan Diis
37th District Precinct Committee Officer, East African Liason*
“Kshama is the only councilmember who supports working people, not corporations. I'm deeply grateful for her work in the community.”
Jonathan Rosenblum
Author of Beyond $15 - Immigrant workers, Faith Activists, and the Revivial of The Labor Movement, member UAW 1981
“Union sister Kshama Sawant stands with workers and is fighting for affordable housing and the City We Need!”
David Westberg
Business Manager, IUOE 609, retired
“No other policymaker has the independence to truly support workers in Seattle.”
Lauren Stark
ELL and Humanities Teacher, Cleveland High School
“Across the country, educators are learning that we can build our power by fighting for the schools - and communities - our students deserve. This is something that Seattle educators have been doing for over a decade, from fighting school closures to boycotting the MAP test to protecting recess to building a nationwide Black Lives Matter at School week of action. And every step of the way, we have found solidarity and inspiration in Kshama Sawant. Councilmember Sawant has joined our picket lines, spoken at our rallies, and written statements supporting our social justice initiatives. She has also brought the concerns of educators, students, and community members into City Hall, leading the fights for a living wage, rent control, and progressive taxation to fund transit and education. Through these campaigns and more, Sawant is fighting to make Seattle an affordable place to learn, live, and teach, and I hope you will join me in supporting her reelection campaign so that she can keep fighting alongside us as a council member.”
Sam Stein
Author of Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State and New York City, housing activist
“Seattle is facing a severe housing crisis, with gentrification threatening to displace the city’s working-class base. Kshama Sawant is pushing for the kinds of bold policies cities need to take on the power of real estate capital: stabilizing costs with rent control; building and maintaining public and social housing; and taxing speculators. I endorse her campaign for reelection because her platform represents a strong alternative to the limited, piecemeal and often counter-productive approach common in contemporary US urban politics.”
Richard Burton
Political Organizer, American Federation of Teachers*
“Kshama’s principled and consistent commitment to building & supporting the Labor Movement (comprising both organized and not-yet organized workers) is unimpugnable. At a time when power and wealth are increasingly concentrated in the hands and interests of the Uber-elites, she is a rare political figure for whom Labor’s age-old Question: “Which Side Are You On?” is refreshingly clear and unambiguous.”
Paul Bigman
Former Organizer, American Federation of Musicians Local 76-493*
“Kshama Sawant represents the interests of working people - not as an ally, but as one of us, a union activist. That means voting for union issues and joining on our picket lines, but also standing up for workers on key issues like housing and taxes. We need Kshama on the City Council because even if you sometimes disagree with her, we know that she always fights for us, and never sells out.”
Robert Cruickshank
Campaign Director at Demand Progress*
"The battle over the Amazon Tax reminded us that we need champions on the City Council who will boldly stand up to corporate power, take on big money, and fight in the public interest and for working people. I have no doubt that Kshama Sawant will continue to be that leader. She's been doing it for the last six years on the City Council."
Sean Butterfield
SEIU 775 caregiver and phlebotomist at Bloodworks NW*
“We must demand leaders whose allegiance is to us and not to big business, leaders who reject its influence outright and organize democratically and transparently. Kshama Sawant is such a leader, and I am fiercely proud to follow, collaborate with, and support her... Kshama possesses an unusual moral clarity and focus. Her promise to the working class of Seattle is one of holistic progress through a series of concrete victories, and in her two terms so far in council, she has achieved remarkable success despite the efforts of corporate developers and Amazon. They want our seat, and they’re going to take it if we don’t fight back. I intend to do just that.”
Catey Mayhew
Seattle Education Association*
“I support Kshama Sawant because she shows up; organizing rallies to build support for the 2015 teacher strike, at the picket line with parents and teachers, and in City Hall to propose a resolution in solidarity with us. She actively fights for workers, proposing legislation to side with rank-and-file or by supporting their strike fund. She doesn't simply support us with words, but with action and change.”
Devin Silvernail
Founder and Executive Director of Be:Seattle, member of Seattle Renters Commission*
“I'm for Kshama because the issues she fights for come from the community, not from lobbyists or consultants. Kshama has turned tenants' ideas into legislation like Economic Eviction Protection and 180 days' rent increase notice. Likewise, she has turned tenants' ideas into essential protections like the Carl Haglund Law and a cap on move-in fees. Kshama is currently the only Councilmember actively working on universal rent control, which would finally give all tenants predictable and equitable rents. She has also fought alongside neighbors from High Point, the Chateau Apartments, the Kenton Apartments, the Halcyon Mobile Home Park, and many others to ensure that they stay housed. I'm for Kshama because she prioritizes the people that need the most help in our city and elevates the voices of constituents to win things that help all of us.”
Mohamud Yussuf
Editor, Runta News
"I have known Kshama Sawant for many years and have always been impressed by strong personality. We cannot afford to have a Seattle City Council without Kshama present in its chamber. She is sincere passionate advocate for many social problems our city has lately been facing including the gentrification of our community who are rapidly disappearing in South Seattle, an area they once felt home. Kshama has always been there for us when others where shy to come around and that is why on behalf of my East African and Muslim Communities I endorse her."
Jenny Craig
West Virginia Teacher and Strike Leader, President of the Ohio County Education Association, and Steering Committee member of the West Virginia United Caucus*
“Public education is at the very heart and foundation of democracy. Access to free and appropriate public education should be considered a fundamental human right, no different than affordable health care, housing, or food. After West Virginia’s two monumental educator strikes and the Red for Ed movement that continues to sweep across this nation, educators, workers, and communities are realizing that true change and power comes from bold, fearless, collective action. This is why Kshama Sawant and others like her give me hope. She has inspired not just Seattle, but the nation to boldly fight for the future that all Americans deserve. I proudly endorse Kshama Sawant because she is a true inspiration for the working class and a bold advocate for social justice, labor, and public education.”
Julianna Dauble
Renton Education Association*
“More than ever we need stalwart defenders of human rights. Kshama is the beacon of hope for those of us who ARE socialists and for those of us who WISH we were socialists. She gets shit done. She organizes, activates, resists oppression and does the work other leaders are afraid to do.”
Matt Carter
Seattle Education Association*
“Kshama is such a fighter for the working class and working poor, which includes many of my students and families. There is no other candidate even close to her level. She has my full support.”
Bruce Jackson
Seattle Education Association Representative, Aki Kurose Middle School*
“Before Kshama's first term, when I was an Organizer for Standing Against Foreclosures and Evictions (SAFE), we asked Kshama to stand with us during a blockade to prevent an foreclosure. She was willing to risk arrest to prevent the injustice of the banks from going unchecked. She has had my respect and support ever since, and she has never disappointed me or brought shame to my endorsement. As an educator fighting for Ethnic Studies and Racial Equity, I have been proud to have her support.”
Dan Gilman
Veterans for Peace*
"I know I can count on Kshama because she isn't in the pocket of corporations that profit off human suffering--she stands unambiguously for working people. We stood together in the Fight for 1000 Homes, and every dollar we won for housing was due to the movement building approach she takes. We need her voice in office, because it's our voice"
Sally Soriano
Former Seattle School Board Member, 32nd LD Democrats*
"Kshama’s campaign and service on the city council electrified a national movement for fair wages, housing and police accountability. Her platform provides a bullwark against escalating wealth inequality and anti-democratic manipulation of elections by the wealthiest individuals and corporations. Kshama exposed the annual corruption of council members, who met with CEO’s and CFO’s at a Cascade mountain resort. She was the only council member who did not collude with lobbyists and the mayor to rescind their vote on the head tax. Kshama’s leadership inspired San Francisco and Mt. View to pass much needed head taxes. Cities across the nation have followed Seattle to institute $15 minimum wages and even the largest corporations have been moved to raise their minimum wages to $15 an hour. There is much more to do and we won't let the the wealthiest few silence our best voice for our city and its people.”
Alec Connon
Organizer with 350 Seattle*
"Councilmember Sawant has been a continual advocate for Seattle to do more in the struggle against global warming; whether it was sponsoring the ordinance to sever ties with Wells Fargo because of its funding of the Dakota Access pipeline, the resolution to oppose the Tacoma LNG facility or standing with us against Shell's Polar Pioneer, Council Member Sawant has done more than almost any other Council Member to further the cause of climate justice in our city.”
Robert Elkins
SEIU 775 Caregiver, Service Worker*
"I’ve been a caregiver for a friend for about 3 years. I lived in District 3 for about 2 years. I am also a budtender as well at a local retail chain in District 3. I support Kshama Sawant for Seattle city council. She has time and time again stood with the working class. It's not a surprise though, since she is a rank and file member and knows what it takes to help our working class brothers and sisters. She has a long list of legislation that proves that. I stand beside her in this fight against those who would be in opposition of a union fight.”
KL Shannon
Community leader and activist
Claude Burfect
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, 37th LD Democrats*
Brett Hamil
Local comedian
Rev. John Helmiere
Reverend at Valley and Mountain Fellowship
Rabbi David Basior
Kadima Reconstructionist Community
Robby Stern
OPEIU Local 8, retired
Kim Lundgreen
Vietnamese Senior Association*
Mama Fadumo
Seattle Housing Authority tenant and Somali community member
Logan Swan
Iron Workers Local Union no. 86*
Bob Barnes
AFML 76-493*
Ben Lindsey
Ballard for Bernie, 36th LD Democrats*
Erica Sklar
43rd LD Democrats*
Joey Wieser
43rd LD Democrats*
Brad Bell
43rd LD Democrats*
Dave Schuldt
43rd LD Democrats*
Rod Palmquist
43rd LD Democrats*
Imogene Williams
43rd LD Democrats*
Daniel Graham
43rd LD Democrats*
Abby Lawlor
43rd LD Democrats*
Cassandra Piontek Armstrong
KCYD Legislative Co-Director, 43rd LD Dems PCO*
Alex White
UAW 4121
Jon Witt
UAW 4121
Brian Gerue
UAW 4121
Dan Hart
UAW 4121
Calvin Snyder
UAW 4121
Oliver Watt-Meyer
UAW 4121
Monica Cortes Viharo
UAW 4121
Sam Sumpter
UAW 4121
Paige Sechrest
UAW 4121
Barbara Phinney
Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA)*
Annelie Day
Jose Castro
Maria Guitierrez
Manuel Carrillo
Daniel Peltier
WFSE 1488
Michael Crain
WFSE 1488
Salvador Castillo
WFSE 1488
Kevin Allen
WFSE 843*
Darrin Hoop
Seattle Education Association (SEA)*
Matt Carter
Roberta Lindeman
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Justin Vinson
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Jeff Treistman
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Amy Hepburn
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Chandra Moon
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Peter Henry
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Clarissa Jarem
former 43rd LD Democrat PCO*
Jim Fox
37th LD Democrat*
Aidan Carroll
43rd LD Democrat*
Jorge Bustamente
43rd LD Democrat*
Heidi Jindrich
34th LD Democrat*
Jonathan Mannella
43rd LD Democrat*
Jeff Kerscher
43rd LD Democrat*
John Bito
43rd LD Democrat*
Patty Bicknell
43rd LD Democrat*
Diane Rose Vincent
34th LD Democrat*
David West
37th LD Democrat*
Justin Roll
37th LD Democrat*
Charles Davis
37th LD Democrat*
Jeanne Legault
37th LD Democrat*
Phillip Locker
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Robert Lambertz
Educator, Renton Education Association member"*
Benjamin Gallup
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
David Dreeben
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Ramy Khalil
Educator, Seattle Education Association member"*
Samuel Wietlispach
SEIU 1199NW*
Kathy Heffernan
SEIU 1199NW*
Ryan Talen
SEIU 1199NW*
Jessica J. D'Amour
SEIU 775*
Tim Guy
SEIU 925*
Victor Crews
SEIU 925*
Abraham Hagopian
SEIU 925, Faculty Forward*
Michael Prault
Mark Rafferty
UAW 4121
Joseph Bear
UAW 4121
Amzi Jeffs
UAW 4121
Jeb Wyman
Malcolm Olson
IBEW 46*
Patricia Coley
IBEW 46*
Sean Cavanaugh
IBEW 46*
Roy Zuniga
IBEW 77*
Jeff Engels
Brett McFarlane
IFPTE 2001 (former NW Vice President)*
Molly Whittaker
LiUna Local 242
Devin Davies
Millwrights Local 96*
Carolyn McConnell
National Labor Relations Board*
Anne-Marie Cavanaugh
OPEIU Local 8
Ben Peterson
OPEIU Local 8
Janice Van Cleve
37th LD Democrats*
Joanna Cullen
37th LD Democrats*
Katherine Yasi
37th LD Democrats*
Abby Lawlor
37th LD Democrats*
David Loud
37th LD Democrats*
Gabe Meyer
37th LD Democrats*
Nancy Raiken
37th LD Democrats*
Mona Lee
37th LD Democrats*
Ellie Menzies
37th LD Democrats*
Harvey Sadis
37th LD Democrats*
Harriett Cody
37th LD Democrats*
David Rader
37th LD Democrats*
Emma Chase
37th LD Democrats*
Sharon Crowley
UAW 4121
Leah Perlmutter
UAW 4121

*Personal Capacity Only