Don't Let Big Developers Buy This Election!

We’re over halfway towards cancelling out Vulcan’s big $80,000 donation to the Chamber of Commerce’s corporate PAC! Please make a donation today before our crucial July fundraising deadline.

We’re incredibly proud of our grassroots campaign. Thanks to donations from thousands of working people — over 3 times more grassroots donors than any other District 3 campaign — we cancelled out Amazon’s big $200,000 PAC contribution from earlier this year! But we will only win this election with your help. 

Big developers are determined to buy this election. Together, they have poured even more than Amazon has into CASE, the Chamber of Commerce’s corporate PAC. Why? Seattle’s wealthiest for-profit developers are deeply afraid of our growing movement for rent control. 

Kshama Sawant is the only District 3 candidate who has clearly said that yes, Seattle needs rent control. Big business interests know that Kshama Sawant doesn’t just make big promises when she’s running for office. She uses her seat to mobilize working people and renters into struggle, and she’s not afraid to stand up to corporate bullies. That’s why together, we’ve won big victories, from the $15 minimum wage to landmark protections for renters’ rights. 

In total, big developers have already invested nearly half a million dollars for “anybody but Kshama Sawant for Seattle’s District 3 election. Corporate PAC contributions include:

💰💰💰 $155,000 from Vulcan, including a big $80,000 donation last month. Vulcan is the developer behind Amazon’s campus in South Lake Union and was one of Amazon’s biggest partners in repealing the Amazon Tax. 

💰💰$50,000 from the Washington Association of Realtors and $45,000 from the commercial real estate development chapter Washington Chapter (NAIOP).

💰💰$40,000 each from Hedreen Holdings, LLC and R.C. Hedreen Co. which are behind the development of Seattle’s biggest luxury hotels.

💰Over $100,000 more from what reads like a who’s who of the biggest real-estate developers and investors in the Seattle area (as well as many of the biggest spenders in the effort to repeal the Amazon Tax, alongside Vulcan and the R.C. Hedreen Co.)

We won’t be able to match the big PAC money dollar for dollar. The way we will win this campaign will be by continuing to mobilize hundreds of volunteers and making sure that our message reaches tens of thousands of voters in District 3. But that will still require serious fundraising. 

We need to ensure that every voter hears from us about the growing movement for rent control — not from big developer-funded corporate PAC mailers which are determined to spread propaganda and fear, just as big business did during our fight for a $15 minimum wage. You donation will make it possible to print tens of thousands of flyers with our message on rent control:

We have a goal of cancelling out Vulcan’s $80,000 donation by the August 6 primary. We’re over halfway there, but we need to get as close to this goal as possible before our big July fundraising deadline. Your donation to #CancelOutVulcan will send a powerful message that big developers can’t buy this election. Please donate today before our July fundraising deadline.

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