Donate: Cancel out Vulcan's $80,000 PAC donation!

Kshama Sawant is not for sale. As always, she does not accept a penny from corporations, CEOs, business lobbyists, or big developers.

Corporate PACs have already amassed a war chest of one million dollars with #1 priority of “anybody but Kshama.” We're proud that we've cancelled out Amazon's $200,000 PAC donation with donations from over 1,500 working people in Seattle, more District 3 donors than any other campaign, and a median donation of just $20!

But billion-dollar luxury real-estate developer Vulcan dropped $80,000 into the Chamber of Commerce's massive PAC donation. Don't let big developers buy this election — donate today to #CancelOutVulcan!


$27,709.90 raised
GOAL: $80,000.00