Solidarity with Amazon Workers!

Solidarity with the over 7,500 (and growing) Amazon workers who have signed a letter standing up to Jeff Bezos and demanding a comprehensive climate change plan for the economy!

The letter is a response to Amazon’s “Shipment Zero” plan, which proposes a target to make half of Amazon’s shipments net zero by 2030 (and, unlike what the name implies, sets no date for reaching net zero climate emissions).

As the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned last year in their special report, we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2030 in order to avert major climate change. As workers are exposing, Amazon’s plan doesn’t go nearly far enough. In fact, given Amazon’s rate of growth, reaching 50% net zero shipments by 2030 would actually translate to an increase in climate emissions!

The urgent action needed to address our looming climate crisis cannot be achieved on the basis of for-profit capitalism. We need a rapid shift away from fossil fuels, bringing the big U.S. energy corporations into democratic public ownership and retooling them for clean energy. That’s why Kshama Sawant is fighting for Seattle to be a real climate leader by becoming 100% renewable by 2030 through a Green New Deal for working people: tax big business and the rich to massively expand mass transit, making it free and fully electric, and create thousands of living wage union jobs through a major program for wind and solar energy and retrofitting homes to the highest energy standards.

Can you chip in $15 to join #TeamKshama in the fight for a Green New Deal in Seattle?

Across the country, tech workers are beginning to organize for workplace and social justice. Last year, 20,000 Google workers walked out internationally against sexual harassment after a report that company leadership had given a $90 million payout to a top executive pushed out over sexual misconduct. Through #TechWontBuildIt struggles, thousands of tech workers at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have protested their companies’ use of their labor to strengthen the military and prison industrial complexes, including Google’s development of military drones, Amazon’s selling of facial recognition software to the police, and Microsoft's contracting with ICE. These struggles all point to the massive power that tech workers and all working people can unleash if they get organized and fight back.

Amazon warehouse workers have been getting organized to push for a union. Over the past few years, as Amazon’s workforce has more than doubled, workers across the country have exposed the horrific conditions for Amazon warehouse workers, including restricted bathroom breaks that have led to workers urinating in bottles, poverty wages forcing workers to rely on food stamps, and new, mandatory technological devices to closely track workplace movements.

We should be clear: Amazon’s decision last year to raise the minimum wage to $15 for all their workers last was not due to Jeff Bezos having a sudden benevolent change of heart. It was a concession to Amazon workers getting organized and to the momentum of movements like the nationwide fight for $15/hour and Seattle’s Tax Amazon struggle, led by hundreds of activists and Councilmember Sawant. Kshama Sawant strongly supports the right of all workers organizing to form a union. Unionized workplaces have higher wages and better working conditions than non-unionized workplaces, and unionization has been shown to be the most effective way to address gender and racial pay gaps.

Kshama Sawant has fearlessly fought against Jeff Bezos’ control of Seattle, while at the same time standing unwaveringly with Amazon workers. We’re proud that many tech workers are on #TeamKshama, joining us to fight for policies like rent control and a Green New Deal for Seattle.

Do you work in the tech industry? Join tech workers supporting Kshama Sawant this Saturday:

Tech Workers for Sawant: House Party & Meet and Greet

Saturday, 5/18 - 7pm

At Erik’s home in Capitol Hill - please RSVP to for details.

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