Amazon's spending is completely unprecedented

For this year’s primary election, Amazon poured $250,000 into the Chamber of Commerce’s corporate PAC (CASE). But that was just their down payment.

Now that Chamber-backed candidates have made it through in all seven of Seattle’s City Council races, Amazon has dumped another $200,000 into the CASE PAC, bringing their total to nearly half a million dollars.

Corporate PACs broke records with their spending during the primary alone. They are on track to triple the record, or more.

This level of PAC money in a local City Council election —  nearly two million citywide, with $1.3 million in the CASE PAC alone  — is completely unprecedented. But it also isn’t surprising.

A recent news story exposed some of the petty and vengeful tactics Amazon resorts to, like keeping a “burn book” of all those daring to speak out against the HQ2 handout of $3 billion. Here in Seattle, they are seeking revenge against the socialist who dared to stand against Bezos’ bullying during last year’s Tax Amazon struggle. 

That’s why in a primary with a record-breaking 55 candidates running for office, our opponent Egan Orion received more corporate PAC money than any other candidate in the race.

Amazon is banking on Orion because they think he'll be another corporate politician who will loyally represent their interests on the City Council. They know that Councilmember Kshama Sawant is not. 

We can’t let Amazon buy Seattle's elections. We need to unite progressives and socialists to fight back against the Corporate PACs. Your donation will help us build the strongest grassroots campaign possible to face off against Amazon’s massive war chest. 

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