200 Rally to Re-Elect Kshama Sawant!

“Jeff Bezos, I have a message for you: The people of Seattle will not bow down to you. We will not back down.” — Councilmember Kshama Sawant

Thank you to the 200 people who came out this Sunday to the campaign launch to re-elect Councilmember Kshama Sawant!

As Kshama explained: “This is not about me as an individual, it never was. We have won victories again and again because thousands of working people, labor union members, LGBTQ people, renters, and socialists stood up against the bankrupt policies of the corporate establishment.”

The only way we will re-elect Kshama, or win any of the things she is fighting for, is if thousands of people in Seattle fight collectively and unapologetically.

Kshama has fought relentlessly for all the working people in District 3 and across Seattle which also means taking a bold stand against the very billionaires who profit off of low-wages and sky high rents: “Howard Schultz - who opposed Seattle’s 15 dollar minimum wage, and last year, put money into killing the Amazon Tax - is a District 3 resident. But I don’t represent him. I will never represent him or his billionaire buddies. I represent all those who stand for social, racial and economic justice.”

Together, we raised $15,000 in one night, demonstrating that it’s possible to run powerful grassroots campaigns without taking a penny from corporations, CEOs, business lobbyists or big developers!

LGBTQ community leader and activist Mac McGregor (left), and Youth Climate Strike Organizer Kimaya Mahajan (right)

Defeating Amazon and the corporate political establishment cannot happen without you getting involved.

If you didn’t make it to our campaign launch event on Sunday, can you donate today? We have a goal of raising another $3,000 by this Friday night, to print leaflets and posters, pay field organizers, rent an office, and make this grassroots campaign run. That’s a lot, but if another 200 people chip in $15, we can do it.

Why We’re on #TeamKshama

A few of the many speakers at our campaign launch rally explain why we need to re-elect Kshama Sawant

“Kshama Sawant has always been there for us. She takes up causes that very few people at City Hall are willing to take up - immigration, evictions, homelessness, hate crimes... Kshama leads the way on social justice issues.”  Paula Lukaszek, President of WFSE Local 1489

“Councilmember Kshama Sawant should be re-elected and we should follow her leadership, because she is a person I believe in. I hope the fight she has taken up for rent control is successful, because we need Seattle to be affordable.” — Maru Mora, immigration activist

“If it wasn't for Councilmember Kshama Sawant, we wouldn’t even have known our building was being torn down...The developers just care about profits, but what about us, the people?” Renee Holmes, Chateau Apartment resident & activist

“For six years we tried to change the racist Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day and no one responded. Councilmember Kshama Sawant responded in just a few hours when we reached out and took up the fight, because that is what her office is for...and in 6 months, we won.” Matt Remle, Cofounder, Mazaska Talks

“Kshama Sawant will always pick up the phone for my community. I am not a socialist...but if we can work toward a common goal make and fight for the people, that is what matters.” Ubah Warsame, East African Community Leader and Activist

“Councilmember Kshama Sawant is fundamentally an organizer. And she has made a lot of powerful enemies, but the best way to fight back against that is to have a lot of powerful allies and that’s what we are.” David Parsons, UAW 4121 President





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