11 Billion Tons of Ice

There's no time to waste in the fight for a Green New Deal. On Thursday, Greenland’s ice sheet lost 11 billion tons of ice to the ocean — a number equivalent to worst-case scenario models for the year 2070. June was the hottest month ever recorded globally. Then July was even hotter. 

To say we are facing a “climate emergency” is an understatement. That’s why it’s not enough for politicians to just give lip service to the problem. We need bold solutions and there is no time to waste.

That’s why Councilmember Kshama Sawant has been calling for Seattle to lead the way on climate action by implementing a Green New Deal for working people. We need to make Seattle 100% renewable by 2030, tax the rich to massively expand public transit, and make it fully electric and free at point-of-use. We can create thousands of well-paying union jobs with a major wind and solar program by Seattle public utilities and retrofitting homes and businesses to the highest efficiency standards.

But winning these measures will require building a fighting movement which is unafraid to stand up to powerful fossil fuel corporations.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has given an initial $30,000 to the Chamber of Commerce’s corporate PAC, the biggest of the corporate PACs against our campaign. More than 60% of PSE’s power in 2017 came from coal and natural gas, and less than 10% of their power comes from wind and solar. PSE and big business will do anything to stop us from winning a Green New Deal for Seattle. At the top of their list is defeating Councilmember Kshama Sawant, the socialist who makes things happen.

Kshama is one of the few candidates citywide calling for a Green New Deal, and the only one in District 3. To build the fighting movement needed to win, it is imperative that we defend Kshama’s seat on the Council against fossil fuel interests. We can’t let big business buy this election. We need your help.

Can you donate $15, 50, $100, or $200 today to help cancel out Puget Sound’s Energy dirty money?

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