Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Women's Rights

The gender pay gap in Seattle is the worst in the nation, with women earning 73 cents for every dollar men earn. Working mothers struggle with lack of access to affordable childcare and paid maternity leave. At the same time, women face daily sexism and harassment. Seattle should lead the way on gender equality, not 
on having the worst gender pay gap in the country!


● We need 12 weeks of paid maternity & paternity leave for all Seattle workers.

● Build a movement to fight sexual harassment, violence against women, and all forms of sexism.

● Expand the city’s programs against domestic violence to prevent violence and help survivors.

● Expand housing alternatives and temporary shelters for women leaving abusive relationships.

● Affordable, high-quality childcare.

● Close the gender pay gap! No tip penalty, pay all workers their full wage.


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