Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

The Story No One is Talking About

What do the CEO of Alaska Airlines, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Washington State Restaurant Association, top executives at Vulcan Real Estate, Starbucks, Amazon, and just about every real estate developer, investment banking firm, venture capitalist, and anti-union construction outfit in the city have in common?


They are all donating to defeat Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

Despite what corporate politicians say, it's important who you get your money from - it points to whose interests you represent.  Accepting money from Brad Tilden, the CEO of Alaska Airlines, is different than accepting money from a baggage handler at Alaska Airlines.


While big business and the political establishment is bankrolling the opposition in District 3, Councilmember Sawant is raising money from working and middle class people.


Councilmember Sawant's re-election campiagn is on track to break all previous records in Seattle as a grassroots campaign. To date, we've raised over $192,000 without taking a single penny from corporations or big corporate executives.

  • Our median donation is $50 - meaning 50% of our donations are $50 or under and  over 66% of our donations are $100 or under!

  • We have the most donors of any candidate in the entire city at 1500 - the closest other candidate is at over 800.

  • We have the most donors in District 3 than any other D3 candidate with over 220 - the nearest opponent has 168.

These are spectacular results for sure! But we can't lay back and think we can coast to victory.  The corporate interests and their Super PACS are prepared to spend far, far more.  And they have the money to do it.


But we have you.  We need you to donate today - right now. If 20 people donate $35 we can cancel out the max donation from Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden. If 40 people donate $35 we can cancel out Tilden's and the Chamber of Commerce. Are you in?


Money is essential but so is good old-fashion shoe leather - we need you to help talk with District 3 residents either by doorknocking or phonebanking.  Sign up here.

Let's tip the scales for working people, families, the poor, and renters.  Chip in $35 today to Make Seattle Affordable for All!
We are going to win this campaign with the active support of people like you.  It starts with having one on one conversations with as many of our neighbors as possible.
Can you join us?
Last weekend over 50 people canvassed their neighborhoods for Kshama,  but that won't be enough to beat big business's money: you can make a difference.
There are 4 opportunities this weekend to help re-elect Kshama!
Saturday, July 11: Pratt Park
Shift 1: 10am
Shift 2: 2:30 pm
Sunday, July 12: Sawant Campaign Office - 126 10th Ave E
Shift 1: 10am
Shift 2: 2:30 pm
Questions? Call 206-486-0099


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