Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

The Fundraising Facts


With more than 2,600 donors (more than double any other city council candidate) and almost 500 individual contributors from District 3 alone, we have the highest number of individual donors, from within District 3 and within the city of Seattle, than any other candidate running for any position in the city.

Our campaign continues to be driven by small donors with nearly 1,000 donations of less than $25. Half of our donations are for $50 or less! 
Our fundraising success, as with the Bernie Sanders campaign, is showing it's possible to run a serious campaign entirely powered by donations from ordinary people if you are able to inspire them with a bold pro-worker platform.

Lots of media outlets have commented on the amount of money we've raised from outside the city. We want to make sure all our supporters know the facts.


What we're accomplishing here impacts the entire country. Just look at what we did with the $15 minimum wage. We won $15 here and now it's a national movement. This is just one reason why so many ordinary people have donated to our campaign from across the country.


Just as important to the $15 victory itself is how we won, because it's a lesson for how we win future victories. We didn't win the highest minimum wage in the country because Kshama held meetings, conducted studies, and talked to businesses who opposed $15. We won $15 and much more because Kshama rejected the business-as-usual strategy and instead used her position to help build a movement in the streets that made it politically unviable for any politician to oppose us.


Let's be clear - our strategy to win victories for working people has proven highly effective. Our success is precisely why so many corporations are donating to our opponent.


But, we will not be stopped.


Without take a penny from big business or developers, we've raised $70,000 in September and over $360,000 total so far! In October we need to raise $85,000 to take on the power of the developers and big business.


We are off to a strong start - in the first 5 days of October we've raised $16,900!  Let's set a new target of $8,000 by Thursday. We've come a long way friends, let's not let up now - there's only 29 days left until election day. If 160 people donate $50 today we would reach our goal.


Together, we're sending a powerful message to the corporate establishment that we demand an equitable and culturally diverse city that is affordable for all!


And we are being heard.  The corporate offensive is in full swing.


The developers and corporations have taken to the editorial pages of theThe Seattle Times to attack our movement, the City Council chambers to block and co-opt our movement, and their money to fund our opponent.  


The stakes are high.  It comes down to what kind of city do we want to live in? The developers and their politicians are clear on what that looks to them - wallet-busting rents for us and super-profits for them.  They can only succeed if we stay on the sidelines.  


We are moving into the most intense and expensive stage of the election.  We need to spend over $50,000 on mailers, posters, and doorhangers, and $30,000 on our dedicated staff to organize and drive our grassroots effort.

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