Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Some Exciting News!

Recently our re-election campaign has received the important endorsements of a number of unions and civil right activists.  As our community faces a severe housing crisis and growing inequality, these endorsements send a strong message to our out-of-touch political establishment that our community wants a representative that unabashedly fights for our interests in City Hall.

Together our grassroots campaign fought the corporate establishment and raised the minimum wage to the highest in the country, and we have since won a host of other important victories of the past months. Together we will fight to make Seattle affordable for all!

Join these endorsers and get involved with our grassroots campaign.  Volunteer or make a donation today to re-elect the only city councilmember who does not take a dime from corporations.


"Kshama Sawant has achieved more in her first term than many councilmembers do, particularly when you think about how long it takes most of us elected officials to get legislation passed. Winning the $15 minimum wage is a game changer for young people, women, and people of color. 

But a lot of people don't know that Sawant also played a leadership role in changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, stopping rent hikes by the Seattle Housing Authority, and increasing funding for social services in Seattle. We are extremely fortunate to have Kshama Sawant on our Seattle City Council."

- Larry Gossett
Twenty-two-year King County Council veteran and lifelong social justice advocate



"Kshama brings our community voice to politics. I've seen her on the front lines of virtually every social and economic issue.


She helped lead the way on $15/hour, which will improve living standards for many of our hardest working sisters and brothers. She used the People's Budget movement to enable a year-round women's shelter.

She used her City Council position to help build a powerful campaign with low-income tenants to successfully defeat the Seattle Housing Authority's 400% rate hikes. From grass roots organizing to grass top policy engagement, Kshama knows how to build movements and coalitions. She knows how to win. Her voice is OUR voice and it is absolutely essential in City Hall to continue the fight for racial and economic justice."

Sheley Secrest
Executive Board Member of Seattle/King County NAACP*


"Kshama Sawant has been the most dynamic force for social change Seattle has seen in decades. There has never been anyone like her on the City Council, and it's extremely important that we re-elect her. We need to strengthen the fight against inequality and racism - not allow it to be dragged backward by establishment politicians."
Aaron Dixon 
Long-standing community activist and author of My People Are Rising: Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain
"At every turn, Kshama is a trusted advocate for immigrant rights. Re-Elect her this year to continue her work with our community."
Juan Jose Bocanegra
Immigrant Rights Leader and President of El Comité*



"Kshama has been a strong and consistent advocate for immigrant rights and social justice. I was thrilled to see her elected in 2013, but I did not expect she would be able to have such an impact in pushing the entire City Council to the left. It's essential people in the community get involved in the campaign and ensure she's re-elected."
Hilary Stern
Executive Director of Casa Latina*
* For identification purposes only

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