Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Share Your Rent-Increase Story With Us!

Share your rent-increase story!

Call my City Council office at (206) 684-8016.

Let’s expand tenant rights and fight for affordable housing!

Is your rent skyrocketing? Do you want to fight for your right to affordable housing?

You’re not alone. There are hundreds, if not thousands, like you in Seattle, who arefacing the prospect of an economic eviction. Please help us build momentum for expanding tenant rights in our city! Share your personal rent-increase story with us. Call my office at (206) 684-8018 or leave a comment at the bottom.

These rent increases are being fueled by relentless speculation, often by out of state corporations, which come in, buy up properties, jack up the prices, and kick out tenants.

It is shameful that City officials have neglected this growing crisis for so long. We need to public investment in quality affordable housing, real renter’s rights, and rent control. We also have to stand up and fight the rent hikes and evictions that are happening in the here and now.

In some apartment buildings, tenants have starting organizing to fight back. They have won extra time, and thousands of dollars relocation assistance. If your rent is going up, please share your story and let me know if you would like to fight back. Call my office at (206) 684-8016  and share this link with your friends.

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