Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Republican-linked PAC "Neighbors for Banks" Launched


"There are billions in profits at stake if we succeed in our re-election campaign"


Over the weekend, the Republican Party-linked, anti-Sawant PAC "Neighbors for Banks" was launched, joining forces with the Democratic Party establishment, big business, and developers to defeat Councilmember Kshama Sawant. The principal officers for Neighbors for Banks are top members of the Washington State Republican Party (one of which lives in Seattle, one does not).


The committee officer, Bob Ratliffe, is an international investment banker and developer, a local union-buster, and was on the Republican National Committee. Ratliffe is the chairman of the board of trustees of Seattle University, which for the last two years has been denying adjunct faculty the right to organize.  He donated $3,100 to Republican Rob McKenna in the last four years, in his quest to defeat Democrat Jay Inslee. In 2008 he was a top "bundler" for the Republican Presidential candidate John McCain and was the chair of the Washington Victory Finance campaign for McCain. Ratliffe has also donated the maximum by law to Sawant's opponent and Tim Burgess.


The treasurer of the PAC, Tom Perry, who actually lives in Puyallup, is also the campaign treasurer for Chris Vance, former head of the Washington State Republican Party and who is running for U.S. Senate against Democrat Patty Murray.  In 2013 Perry also teamed up with Chris Vance to form "Public Safety PAC."


"We don't know yet how much money will be poured into the PAC, but if other recent PACs are any indication, we can expect a torrent of corporate cash. Apparently it wasn't enough that over $140,000 in big-business backed money has gone to our opponent, now Republicans are weighing in with their anti-$15, anti-environment, anti-women's rights, anti-renter's rights, pro-corporate cash," said Councilmember Sawant.  


"Why are business executives so determined to influence our city race? Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities and there are massive opportunities for wealth creation. Who gets that wealth is what's at stake here. If I win, if we elect a progressive majority, then it's clear that we will have momentum to wrest a much, much bigger share of that wealth from the hands of the super wealthy to the working class. But most of all, they want our socialist movement to stop growing," continued Councilmember Sawant. 

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