Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Representing District 3

But our work has just begun. We need to build even stronger coalitions and grassroots movements to tackle head-on the critical issues of skyrocketing housing costs, terrible traffic, and the deep racial, gender, and income inequality we face in Seattle.

I am proud to represent District 3 and its diverse communities, where I have lived ever since I moved to Seattle. Our district is made up of unique neighborhoods, creative people, natural beauty, and immense possibility.

rep_district_3.jpgI am the only councilmember who supported the Districts charter amendment, which was passed by almost two-thirds of voters in 2013. I endorsed it because it helps break the grip of big moneyed interests on the City Council, and reduces some of the barriers faced by grassroots campaigns.

Few places in Seattle are more starkly unequal than District 3. With a quarter of our residents living on less than $25,000 per year, our neighborhoods are rapidly being gentrified by corporate developers.

Long-standing communities such as the historically African American Central Area are being broken up. Skyrocketing rents hit us especially hard, with renters making up 61% of District 3. As your councilmember, I will continue to be your voice for real affordable housing solutions and will not bow down to the big developers.

I am deeply concerned about the rise in incidents of harassment, intimidation, and physical attacks against the LGBTQ community in Capitol Hill. Our district also relies heavily on mass transit and I will continue to advocate for a major expansion in public transit, which is essential for livable communities and environmental sustainability.

Below are my positions on many of the issues facing our district and city. Please read them, let me know what you think, and join our campaign. Check back regularly, as I will be making updates and additions throughout the campaign as I continue to work with constituents and organizations in District 3. Let’s continue to work together to make Seattle affordable for all.

In Solidarity,

Councilmember Kshama Sawant


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