Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Film Screening: Raging Grannies for Sawant

Co-sponsored by the Green Party of Seattle

"Two Raging Grannies" is a new, touching, thought-provoking documentary about two gutsy, nearly-90 year old activists who seek answers to the burning questions: How do we get out of this economic mess and must the economy always keep growing? This film has received great reviews all over the world, and premiered at SIFF in May 2014, but has now finally been released in the US for more audiences. We will be joined by the two main actors, Shirley Morrison and Hinda Kipness! After the movie, join Shirley and Hinda for a discussion and please donate to re-elect Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

Kshama Sawant is an eloquent fighter for social justice who led the fight for Seattle's $15/hour minimum wage. Her re-election campaign rejects corporate cash, and therefore depends upon donations from ordinary people to fund her struggle to make Seattle affordable for all:

- Affordable housing and rent control
- Massively expand mass transit
- Tax the rich! Fully fund social services

Snacks and drinks
Mark your calendar!
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Film 77 min.

If you receive your ballot by the day of this event, Friday, October 16, bring your ballot and a stamp with you and fill it out at this event to ensure we don't miss the deadline to vote.

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