Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

LGBTQ Rights


The LGBTQ community, particularly in District 3, has faced an alarming rise in incidents of harassment, intimidation, and physical attacks. In March, I convened a Town Hall that was attended by over 300 people and every major news outlet in the city. There I took testimony from scores of Capitol Hill residents, underscoring and publicizing the serious nature of the problem.

As an immigrant woman of color and a strong LGBTQ ally, I have worked to create deep relationships with LGBTQ community organizations. I have attended events, forums, and pride celebrations, and actively solicit the opinions of key community organizations. I have proudly supported and attended Seattle Trans* Pride every year since it began, though unfortunately no other elected official has joined me so far.

● Seattle needs an LGBTQ community center in Capitol Hill. We are one of the few major cities that does not have a center for LGBTQ empowerment and education.

● Protect against anti-LGBTQ violence and intimidation!

• Fund community anti-hate crime groups to organize night watches and raise awareness through anti-bullying and public education efforts.

• Fund a community-based hate violence information-gathering hotline.

• Fund self-defense and other community based responses as recommended by Entre Hermanos, The Northwest Network for BTLG Survivors of Abuse, Gender Justice League, and the Center for Multicultural Health.

● End the LGBTQ youth homelessness crisis by fully funding the King County comprehensive plan for youth and young adult homelessness – specifically the racial and LGBTQ disparities section.

● Full equality and workplace rights for LGBTQ people. End the discrimination LGBTQ people face in the private housing market. Unite against transphobia!


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