Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Expand Social Services & Improve Public Safety

We face increasingly unsafe streets and LGBTQ people are seeing a spike in hate crimes. This cannot be solved by simply adding more police and locking up more people. The underfunding of social services and the extent of inequality in such a wealthy city is unacceptable and is a contributor to the growth in anti-social behavior.

We need to fully fund essential human services, including full access to mental health services, and end homelessness. The Seattle Human Services Coalition, representing 180 non-profit human service providers, proposed a $30 million budget package to significantly improve their ability to care for the needs of our most vulnerable residents. Unfortunately, I was the only councilmember to support this essential funding, while the conservative majority on the city council supported spending billions of dollars on the Bertha boondoggle.

● Implement an emergency plan to immediately offer decent shelter for the more than 3,000 homeless people on Seattle’s streets.

● Fully fund social services, including full access to mental health services and services for the disabled, veterans, seniors, and families in crisis.

● Expand Metro late-night service. The lack of late-night Metro service is a public safety issue. People need safe and reliable transit after a night out or after working the night shift.

● Protect against hate crimes. Fund anti-hate crime community groups to organize night watches and empower our communities.

● Stop the gentrification and the destruction of our communities by for-profit developers. Fund social workers, youth, and community centers to strengthen the solidarity and social bonds in our neighborhoods.YouthBuild_copy.jpg


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