Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Expand Public Transit

While billions of dollars are being spent on the Bertha boondoggle and safety concerns grow, Seattle faces the fourth-worst traffic in the nation. We need a major expansion of mass transit to take cars off the road, address climate change, and make Seattle a more livable city.



 Massively expand bus and light rail service to create a world-class public transit system. Implement the Seattle Subway plan.

Working people need an affordable 
and reliable alternative to car-based transportation.

 We need 24-hour mass transit! Expand Metro late-night service.

 Make transit truly affordable: reverse the fare hikes and provide free transit passes for all public school students and all low-income youth, senior, and disabled riders.

 Progressive revenue for public transit: pass a business “head tax,” raise the tax on commercial parking lot ownersand other progressive taxes.

 Make Metro faster and more efficient: add signal priority and dedicated bus lanes in heavy transit corridors.

 Make private developers pay for the cost overruns on the viaduct replacement tunnel project. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for the Bertha boondoggle! Demand accountability and public safety oversight.

● Expand protected bike lanes. For a smart network of bike lanes to make the city safe for cyclists.


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