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LarryGossett1.jpg"Kshama Sawant has achieved more in her first term than many councilmembers do, particularly when you think about how long it takes most of us elected officials to get legislation passed. Winning the $15 minimum wage is a game changer for young people, women, and people of color. But a lot of people don't know that Sawant also played a leadership role in changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, stopping rent hikes by the Seattle Housing Authority, and increasing funding for social services in Seattle. We are extremely fortunate to have Kshama Sawant on our Seattle City Council."

Larry Gossett, King County Council Member*



PramilaJayapal.jpg"Kshama has been a powerful and unwavering progressive voice in City Hall for Seattle's working families - from minimum wage to women's empowerment to housing justice," Jayapal said in a statement. "I was proud to work with Kshama to fight for a $15 minimum wage. She combines a principled approach, a willingness to listen, and the ability to move critical legislation that affects our most vulnerable communities."

Pramila Jayapal, Washington State Senator*


 "Whether it was the $15 minimum wage, rent control, or progressive funding for social services, Kshama has pushed that discussion on the council. She has never wavered on her commitment to fight for what working people of Seattle need. Every city needs representatives like Kshama Sawant to win the kinds of progressive changes she has championed. I urge progressives to support her campaign."

- Nick Licata, Seattle City Councilmember




"It has been a joy working with Kshama. Most people are familiar with her leadership on $15 and housing affordability, but I'm also proud to endorse her re-election because of her powerful pro-environment work. From her staunch opposition to coal trains and oil trains, to our TPP resolution and her recent activism with me and thousands of others on the successful Shell No campaign. Kshama has made a decisive difference from day one on the Seattle City Council." 

Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Councilmember 



"Kshama represents the people, not the power brokers." 

Mike McGinn, former Seattle Mayor




sheleysecrest.jpg"Kshama brings our community voice to politics. I've seen her on the front lines of virtually every social and economic issue. She helped lead the way on $15/hour, which will improve living standards for many of our hardest working sisters and brothers. She used the People's Budget movement to enable a year-round women’s shelter.She used her City Council position to help build a powerful campaign with low-income tenants to successfully defeat the Seattle Housing Authority's 400% rate hikes. From grass roots organizing to grass top policy engagement, Kshama knows how to build movements and coalitions. She knows how to win. Her voice is OUR voice and it is absolutely essential in City Hall to continue the fight for racial and economic justice."

Sheley Secrest, Civil Rights and Community Activist


lindy-west.jpg"As a feminist, it's incredibly important to me that our representatives don't just pay lip service to women's rights and structural inequality but back up that rhetoric with action. Kshama has never wavered from her unapologetic fight for women's right to live free from sexist discrimination perpetuated by misogynists both inside and outside the halls of power, and especially our right to safe, accessible abortion and full reproductive healthcare."

Lindy West, Writer, Comedian, & Creator of the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion 


dawn_mason.jpg"I am pleased to endorse Kshama Sawant for City Council Position 3. She has been a consistent ally for issues important to the residents of Seattle who are important to me. She has come to The African American African Gathering on MLK Saturday to hear self-determined solutions to economic, education and community challenges. What sets her apart from all other candidates is her courage to bring her intellect, her principles and her passion to organizing working and poor people for a more just society. Yes, it does take courage! Kshama is someone who has proven to me she will keep going until justice is real."

Dawn Mason, M.Ed, Board President of First Place Scholars


Reverend_Robert_L_Jeffrey_Sr.jpg"Kshama Sawant is the person we need to represent us on the Seattle City Council at this very critical time in the life of our district and our city. She is the champion that we need on the council to speak up for the poor, the pushed out, the workers and the priced out. She represents our future, therefore I support her candidacy."

Dr. Robert L. Jeffrey Sr., Senior Pastor New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Seattle in District 3 and Executive Director Black Dollar Days Task Force/Clean Greens Farm and Market



MohamudYussuf.jpg"What has impressed me most about Kshama Sawant is her accessibility and outreach to regular people, her humility, and her willingness to learn and work together. Her courage to fight for the community is outstanding. These are rare traits in an elected official, and they are what have allowed us to achieve so much together for our City in the last year."

Mohamud Yussuf, East African Organizer for OneAmerica*



MattRemleEndorsement.jpg"Not only did Kshama Sawant agree to co-sponsor our Indigenous Peoples' Day resolution without hesitation, but she did so with a strong voice of advocacy in highlighting the brutal acts of genocide inflicted upon Native peoples by Columbus, and the legacy of colonization upon our homelands. It is rare, if not entirely non-existent, to find non-Native peoples, whether elected officials or not, whom stand in complete solidarity with Indigenous Peoples supporting our issues and voices.

Kshama further solidified her position as a supporter of Indigenous Peoples' when she took to the waters in a Duwamish canoe to address the impacts of Shell's drilling rig docked in the Port of Seattle. To say our tribal Nations have a deep seated mis-trust of Government officials would be an understatement, we are fortunate to have a city council member here in Seattle, a city named after one of the great Chiefs of the Duwamish and Suquamish peoples, who listens, supports and advocates for the original peoples of this land."

Matt Remle, (Lakota) Recipient of Seattle's 2014 Individual Human Rights Leader Award


JeffJohnson.jpg"During these times of extreme inequality, climate disruption, and attacks on unions, voting rights, and our communities it is a pleasure to support a movement leader for political office. Kshama believes in the dignity of all workers and that everyone in our community deserves a share of the prosperity created by working people. Whether the issue is raising wages, paid sick leave, fair scheduling, rent control, or student debt, Kshama is on the side of the people. That's why I support her."

Jeff Johnson, President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO



HilaryStern.jpg"Kshama has been a strong and consistent advocate for immigrant rights and social justice. I was thrilled to see her elected in 2013, but I did not expect she would be able to have such an impact in pushing the entire City Council to the left. It's essential people in the community get involved in the campaign and ensure she's re-elected."

Hilary Stern, Executive Director of Casa Latina*



Tim_Harris.jpg"Kshama has proven to be a compassionate and reliable ally to homeless people who can put words into action. Real progress against radical inequality takes courage and vision and not settling for the 'possible.' She is what we need. Get involved and let's get her re-elected!"

Timothy Harris, Founding Director of Real Change*




SuePeters_Photo.jpg"Kshama Sawant has proven to be a courageous and intelligent voice on the Seattle City Council, and exactly what we need for our city which is challenged by rapid growth and growing inequities. Kshama has already powerfully demonstrated her ability to identify and lead on important issues -- such as flatly rejecting budget cuts to education, her support for a living wage and affordable housing. Her bold commitment to social justice is an inspiration to us all. I also trust her to work with the Seattle School District to meet the needs of our many diverse families."

Sue Peters, public education activist and Seattle School Board Director*




LaurenBerkowitz.jpg"Kshama Sawant's work on the Seattle City Council has been an inspiration. Her victories for income equality, affordable housing and citizen involvement in government have reverberated beyond Seattle and impacted our entire region. It's refreshing to watch someone in a leadership position fight unapologetically for workers and others who are oppressed. We need more local elected officials with her courage and conviction."

Lauren Berkowitz, Burien City Council Member*


JuanJoseBocanegra.jpg"At every turn, Kshama is a trusted advocate for immigrant rights. Re-Elect her this year to continue her work with our community."

Juan Jose Bocanegra, El Comite*



Aaron_Dixon__Dixon_Senate_Campaign__2006_.jpg"Kshama Sawant has been the most dynamic force for social change Seattle has seen in decades. There has never been anyone like her on the City Council, and it's extremely important that we re-elect her. We need to strengthen the fight against inequality and racism - not allow it to be dragged backward by establishment politicians."

Aaron Dixon, Long-standing community activist and author of My People Are Rising: Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain


jesse_hagopian_pic.jpg"Kshama Sawant is a tireless advocate for social justice and a great ally for our side--from the struggle for a living wage to the Black Lives Matter movement. Seattle is at a historic turning point where it will either become a playground for the wealthy, or have playgrounds, schools, housing, health care and other public services for working people. Let the rich vote for the rest, and the rest of us vote for Kshama!"

Jesse Hagopian, Teacher and Education Activist



JonathanKnapp.jpg"It has been a breath of fresh air in local politics to regularly hear the clarion call of an advocate who is unabashed about her support for working people. Kshama, beyond the issues that she has helped to win, has succeeded in changing the debate about who government is for and what its role is. Small “d” democrats throughout Seattle can only be happy about this."

Jonathon Knapp, Seattle Education Association*



NicoleGrant.jpg"It was workers and their unions that won 15 in Seattle and it wouldn't have happened without Kshama Sawant. Kshama has used her elected office in a unique and empowering way to build movements, and we need to make sure we keep her on the Council."

Nicole Grant, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Statewide Political Coordinator*



PaulaLukaszek.jpg"Kshama supports worker issues, like livable wages, paid sick leave, and trying to make Seattle an affordable place to live for everyone, especially low-wage workers.”

Paula Lukaszek, plumber at UW and President of the Washington Federation of State Employees, Local 1488


DougNielsen.jpg"Kshama Sawant spoke out quickly with a letter to the Seattle Times when our local needed help exposing the mistreatment of our union members by the University of Washington. She also came to our picket lines to help us push our contract demands for improved working conditions and for a $15 minimum wage at the UW. Kshama Sawant is a proven fighter on this and many other fronts."

Doug Neilson, Former Local WFSE 1488 Shop Steward & Executive Board member (retired)*


david_mclanahan.jpg"I support Kshama Sawant because she is a proven, effective leader for all of us affected by the many social injustices of modern day America and understands the need for us to join together to build a “movement of movements” that is critical to create the country of our dreams."

David McLanahan, MD, Co-Founder and Coordinator, Physicians for a National Health Program, Western Washington Chapter*, Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery Emeritus, University of Washington School of Medicine*


Rev.-Rich-Lang.jpg"I am inspired both by Kshama's personal integrity, and her commitment to building a socialist alternative to capitalism. She is building a politics of hope here in Seattle."

Rev. Rich Lang, Pastor at University Temple United Methodist Church* & Real Change* Columnist


Sylvia-Liang.jpg"In just over a year on City Council, Kshama Sawant has made tremendous gains for working families, fighting tirelessly for pro-worker policies like a $15 minimum wage. Home care aides and nursing home workers across Seattle are proud to endorse her and look forward to her second term."

Sylvia Liang, Seattle Caregiver, SEIU 775 Board Member



KarenHartSEIU925.jpg"Kshama Sawant is a proven champion for working families in Seattle. As a local representing over 4,000 Seattleites, we endorse Kshama Sawant and look forward to making progress to ensure Seattle is a city where working families can access affordable housing, childcare and transportation and that all families have the opportunities to thrive."

Karen Hart, President, SEIU Local 925



YasminAdenSEIU6.jpg"Kshama has stood alongside janitors, security officers, airport and stadium workers to protect workers' rights and she will continue to stand and support all Seattle workers."

Yasmin Aden, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU Local 6




"Like many the arrest of 69 year old African-American, William Wingate broke my heart. As lead organizer of “Golf Walk 2015: Walking While Black” and the campaign to remove Officer Cynthia Whitlatch. I reached out multiple times to local politicians and communities leaders, includingKshama Sawant. Out of everyone, Kshama Sawant was the only person to offer support.” 

Chad Goller-Sojourner, Community Organizer   


MichealMcGloin.jpeg"I truly value the impact Kshama has had on Seattle, and her commitment to doing the right thing in city government. Running a small restaurant has given me the opportunity to see the challenges that most workers face, and to understand how important a living wage is for people. I believe that both workers and small enterprises deserve real representation and I know that Kshama is the right person to represent our interests. She has my full support!"

Michael McGloin, Owner, Judkins Street Cafe in District 3


ChefDavidLee.jpg"As a Seattle business owner, I believe Kshama Sawant is the right person at the right time and fully support her re-election. Her progressive approach alongside her ability to get things done is what our city needs.”

David Lee, President and Founder of The Field Roast Grain Meat Co. 





"I fully support Kshama's re-election. Kshama was central to winning the $15 minimum wage, which I strongly supported for my employees and all workers in Seattle who deserve to make a living wage."

 - Molly Neitzel, Owner, Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream




 "Kshama Sawant has changed everything. Well, to be more accurate, she would probably say that the people she represents have changed everything. Sawant has proven that with enough community-powered excitement and persistence, we can make changes that most people will tell you are politically impossible."







John Burbank, Economic Opportunity Institute Executive Director*
Leonard Smith, Teamsters 117
Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila, President of Patroncito Publishing
Paul Bigman, MLKCLC Labor Council Executive Board Member*
Larry Hanley, International President, Amalgamated Transit Union
Dorli Rainey, Longtime Seattle Activist
Richard Burton, WSNA Political Action Coordinator*
Abe Taylor, Teamsters 174
Angela Marshall, IBEW Local 46
Betsy Shedd, Operating Engineers Local 302*
Bob Hodges, UAW 4121*
Ian Gordon, Business Manager, Laborers Local 1239
Boyd Pickrell, Architect, District 3 resident
Bruce Lesnick, Software Engineer, Writer & Musician
Chris Morehead-Heath, SEIU 1199NW*
Cariño Barragan
Magdaleno Leno Rose-Avila, Poet, human rights activist, and President of Patroncito Publishing*
Kevin Zeese, Press Secretary for Ralph Nader in 2004
Kirk Duncan, OWL
Rhett Alden
Daemon Chadeau
Mauricio Ayon, Political Director of WA CAN*
Adam Kline, Retired Senator D-37th legislative district
Lisa Marcus
Sturges Dorrance
Sarah Luthens
Michael Hall, Unite HERE Local 8*
Francisco Irigon
Joe Davenport
Charles Davis
Michael Woo
Dan Troccoli, SEA* and SEE*
Dawn Gearhart, Teamsters 117
Doug Frechin, ATU Local 587*
Dustin Lambro, Teamsters 117
Greg Beiter, ATU Local 587*
Jeanne Legault, 37th Legislative District Democrats*
Jonathan Rosenblum, Union and Community Orbanizer
Jose Rosado, ATU Local 587*, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement*
Justin Hirsch, ILWU Local 19*
Keith Gillis, WFSE 1488* and District 3 resident
Kraig Schwartz, AFT 1789* and District 3 resident
Michelle North, IBEW Local 46
Paula Lukaszek, President WFSE 1488*
Sarah Bright, WFSE Council 28*
Sarah White, Nurse Practictioner
The Rev. John Helmiere
Kristyn Joy
Gregory Laynor, UAW 4121*
The Progressive Party
Shaunie Wheeler
Scott Morrow
Cleveland Stockmeyer
Joshua Farris, Community Organizer with SAFE
Oscar Rosales Castaneda
Tom Ardavany
Carlo Voli
Emily Johnston
Duncan Adams, Student at Kentucky State University*
Dan Gage, Retired L-174 Seattle Teamsters Union*
Alan Stewart, Managing Director of Progressive Global Commons*
Romi Mahajan
Pamela Stearns
Max Lewis, District 3 resident
Matt Remle, (Lakota) recipient of Seattle's 2014 Individual Human Rights Leader Award*
Sharon Maeda, District 3 resident
Lynn Dodson
David Westberg
Michele Marchand
Dr. Jim Simmons, retired educator (Principal, John Marshall Alternative School)*
Hollis Higgins
Sarah Saez, United Taxi Workers of San Diego*
Willard Bickford
Robert Gabrielsky
Dr. Carol Simmons, retired educator (Assistant Principal, Garfield High School)*
Justin Simmons, past president, Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle, Church Council of Greater Seattle, UW Multicultural Alumni Partnership*
Curt Firestone, two time candidate for Seattle City Council
Dr. Brad Wagenaar
Gayle McLaughlin. Former Mayor and current Councilmember, Richmond, CA

* - Organization listed for identification purposes only

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