Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

Corporations are spending big in this race

Time is running out, and corporations are spending big. The most recent fundraising results show big business and developers continue to spend a fortune trying to defeat Kshama and our movement for an affordable Seattle.  


We need to raise $6,000 by the end of the month.
If 200 supporters donated $30 right now we'd raise what we need.


We've said this before, but it's worth saying again - it matters who you take money from.


Taking $700 from CEO John Goodman whose $2.5 billion Goodman Real Estate is known for predatory practices and widespread tenant evictions is different than taking $30 from a struggling renter working two jobs to make ends meet.


Or taking donations from pro-charter school crusaders is different than taking $30 from school teachers who had to go on strike to pressure corporate politicians to fund our public schools.


In total, so far, our opponent has taken over $120,000 from corporate sources.  We will be outspent.  Donate $30 today to re-elect Kshama Sawant!

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