Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

April 25 - Signature Gathering

Join the Kshama Sawant Reelection Campaign collecting signatures to get Kshama on the ballot. Already, we've had a great response, with over 100 people helping out collecting signatures. We've collected about half of what's needed so far. Join us to finish the job!

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Saturday, April 25
12 noon
Kshama Sawant Reelection Campaign Office
126 10th Ave E

Help Get Kshama On the Ballot

Corporate-funded politicians pay the $1,200 fee to qualify for the ballot, but our grassroots campaign has opted to collect 1,200 valid signatures from District 3 voters instead. We will also use this opportunity to talk our neighbors about building the movements for affordable housing and social justice!


A big thank you to everyone who came out Sunday to the Signature Collection Kick-Off to qualify Kshama Sawant for the ballot!  What a successful kick-off - energy was high with 50 volunteers, many who signed up to blanket this town with Kshama's newsletters and posters every month! 

We collected over 400 signatures. Now we really need another push this Saturday and the next few weekends until we collect 2,400 signatures to ensure we have 1,200 valid signatures from District 3 registered voters.  Please join us this Saturday to hear Kshama speak and collect signatures!

Kshama speaks - then help collect signatures!

Saturday, April 18
11:00 AM
Cal Anderson Park (fountain)
11th Ave and Denny
Seattle, WA
Please RSVP at this Facebook link and invite your friends

Please mark your calendar now for upcoming signature-gathering events:

Capitol Hill Forum on Gentrification
Thursday, April 16

6:00 pm
Seattle First Baptist Church
1111 Harvard Ave

Saturday, April 25
12:00 pm
Kshama Sawant Campaign HQ
126 10th Ave E


Kshama on DemocracyNow

Kshama Made National News!


Watch the full segment here

While the corporate media was all about #ReadyforHillary, Kshama was talking about the urgent need for independent politics.  

Hilary Clinton's 2016 Presidential bid represents the continuation of Wall Street domination of politics, warmongering, and oppression of working people" said Kshama on Democracy Now this morning, "Polls show the vast majority of the U.S. is to the left of the political choices presented.  It's our responsibility to fill the vacuum to the left of the Democratic Party by building a political alternative for working people.

We need more candidates like Kshama that occupy Wall Street rather than candidates occupied by Wall Street. Kshama's re-election campaign in Seattle is the frontline battle for a new politics that puts people before profits.  With big business and the political establishment intent on unseating the only consistent voice for working people.

If you too are #ReadyforKshama, contribute by donating today!

Reporter Glen Greenwald is #ReadyForKshama

Reporter Glenn Greenwald is #ReadyForKshama


Perhaps the most important investigative journalist active today, Glenn Greenwald is #ReadyForKshama.

Are you ready to get involved

Affordable Housing Town Hall


Affordable Housing Town Hall with Councilmembers Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata

Thursday, April 23
6:00pm, City Hall - Council Chambers
600 Foruth Ave, Floor 2

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The lack of affordable housing has become a crisis. Rents are rising faster in Seattle than in any other major U.S. city and the annual One Night Count showed a 21% increase in homelessness, with 3772 people living without shelter. The market has failed to solve this crisis, and big developers and corporate politicians have systematically stood in the way of serious solutions. Come hear Kshama Sawant and housing justice activists discuss rent control, tenants’ rights, and public investment in affordable housing. Bring your rent hike stories and ideas for how to expand tenant rights. 

Questions? Contact Ted Virdone in Kshama Sawant’s office: ted.virdone@seattle.gov | 206-684-8016 [Somali hoosta]

Endorsed by The Stranger, Real Change, Tenants Union of Washington,Nickelsville, Seattle Transit Riders Union, SAFE in Seattle, 15 Now, Low Income Housing Institute, Sawhorse Revolution, IBEW 46, Teamsters 117,The Church Council of Greater Seattle, Socialist Alternative Seattle, Puget Sound Sage, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action-PSARA, Seattle Displacement Coalition, Community Housing Caucus, SHARE

City Hall Council Chambers is accessible by ground floor elevator. 

Kirada waa fara ka Bax: Guriyeynta La Awoodikaro ee Golaha Magaalada Iyo Xubin Gole

Kshama Sawant Iyo Nick Licata

Golaha magaalada Seattle, golayaasha aqalada
600 4th Ave. 2nd floor

Waxaa carqalad noqotay in aan la heli Karin guryo jaban.Kor u qaadista Kirada magaalada Siyaatal waxey ka dhaqsi badantahay magaalooyinka waaweyn ee Mareenkanka oo dhan, Sanadki marki loo xisaabiyo hal habeen waxeey na tuseeysaa in boqolkiiba 21tan ee ku badaneeyso dibjirnimada, iyadoo dad tiradooda 3772 eey ho’y la’yihiin. Suuqa wuu ku guuleysanwaayay xalinta carqaladaan, sido kale kobciyaalka waaweyn iyo ururada siyaasiyiinta si ku tala gal ah ayey usu hortaageyn in xal dhab ah loo helo xakameynta kirada, xuquuqda kireystaha iyo in guud ahaan in la maalgeliyo guryo jaban. Kaalay nala falanqee,noo sheek sheekadaada sida guryaha lagugu qaaliyeeyay iyo fikrada sida loo balaarinlahaa xuquuqda kireystayaasha.

Wixii sua’al la xiriir Ted Virdone 206-684-8016 | tedvirdone@seattle.gov

Golaha magaalada Seattle waa loo heli karo adigoo wiishka.

IAM 751 Endorses!



We are proud to announce the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751 (IAM 751) has endorsed the Kshama Sawant re-election campaign! Representing over 33,000 workers, IAM 751 has a rich history of challenging the rapaciousness of Boeing executives and Corporate America and winning gains for working people and the middle class through struggle. IAM 751 joins Teamsters Locals 174 and 117, ILWU 19, and WFSE 1488 and others on the growing list of unions endorsing Kshama as their representative on the Seattle City Council.

"The Aerospace Machinists 751 are proud to endorse Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant for her reelection.  Kshama is a relentless and unapologetic advocate for working people." -- Larry Brown, IAM 751 Political Director

 "Our union brothers and sisters in IAM 751 have long been some of the most determined fighters against the remorseless attacks by big business to lower our living standards.  In 2013, we were proud to support IAM 751 in its fight against Boeing executives lowering workers benefits and we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in all their fights ahead." - Kshama Sawant 

Read Kshama Sawant's article in The Nation magazine's 150th anniversary issue!  Want to Rebuild the Left? Take Socialism Seriously


Some Exciting News!

Recently our re-election campaign has received the important endorsements of a number of unions and civil right activists.  As our community faces a severe housing crisis and growing inequality, these endorsements send a strong message to our out-of-touch political establishment that our community wants a representative that unabashedly fights for our interests in City Hall.

Together our grassroots campaign fought the corporate establishment and raised the minimum wage to the highest in the country, and we have since won a host of other important victories of the past months. Together we will fight to make Seattle affordable for all!

Join these endorsers and get involved with our grassroots campaign.  Volunteer or make a donation today to re-elect the only city councilmember who does not take a dime from corporations.


"Kshama Sawant has achieved more in her first term than many councilmembers do, particularly when you think about how long it takes most of us elected officials to get legislation passed. Winning the $15 minimum wage is a game changer for young people, women, and people of color. 

But a lot of people don't know that Sawant also played a leadership role in changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, stopping rent hikes by the Seattle Housing Authority, and increasing funding for social services in Seattle. We are extremely fortunate to have Kshama Sawant on our Seattle City Council."

- Larry Gossett
Twenty-two-year King County Council veteran and lifelong social justice advocate



"Kshama brings our community voice to politics. I've seen her on the front lines of virtually every social and economic issue.


She helped lead the way on $15/hour, which will improve living standards for many of our hardest working sisters and brothers. She used the People's Budget movement to enable a year-round women's shelter.

She used her City Council position to help build a powerful campaign with low-income tenants to successfully defeat the Seattle Housing Authority's 400% rate hikes. From grass roots organizing to grass top policy engagement, Kshama knows how to build movements and coalitions. She knows how to win. Her voice is OUR voice and it is absolutely essential in City Hall to continue the fight for racial and economic justice."

Sheley Secrest
Executive Board Member of Seattle/King County NAACP*


"Kshama Sawant has been the most dynamic force for social change Seattle has seen in decades. There has never been anyone like her on the City Council, and it's extremely important that we re-elect her. We need to strengthen the fight against inequality and racism - not allow it to be dragged backward by establishment politicians."
Aaron Dixon 
Long-standing community activist and author of My People Are Rising: Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain
"At every turn, Kshama is a trusted advocate for immigrant rights. Re-Elect her this year to continue her work with our community."
Juan Jose Bocanegra
Immigrant Rights Leader and President of El Comité*



"Kshama has been a strong and consistent advocate for immigrant rights and social justice. I was thrilled to see her elected in 2013, but I did not expect she would be able to have such an impact in pushing the entire City Council to the left. It's essential people in the community get involved in the campaign and ensure she's re-elected."
Hilary Stern
Executive Director of Casa Latina*
* For identification purposes only

Share Your Rent-Increase Story With Us!

Share your rent-increase story!

Call my City Council office at (206) 684-8016.

Let’s expand tenant rights and fight for affordable housing!

Is your rent skyrocketing? Do you want to fight for your right to affordable housing?

You’re not alone. There are hundreds, if not thousands, like you in Seattle, who arefacing the prospect of an economic eviction. Please help us build momentum for expanding tenant rights in our city! Share your personal rent-increase story with us. Call my office at (206) 684-8018 or leave a comment at the bottom.

These rent increases are being fueled by relentless speculation, often by out of state corporations, which come in, buy up properties, jack up the prices, and kick out tenants.

It is shameful that City officials have neglected this growing crisis for so long. We need to public investment in quality affordable housing, real renter’s rights, and rent control. We also have to stand up and fight the rent hikes and evictions that are happening in the here and now.

In some apartment buildings, tenants have starting organizing to fight back. They have won extra time, and thousands of dollars relocation assistance. If your rent is going up, please share your story and let me know if you would like to fight back. Call my office at (206) 684-8016  and share this link with your friends.

Labor for Sawant Kickoff a Big Success

Heads up, big business! Labor unions are taking nothing for granted and are rallying around Kshama Sawant as her Seattle City Council campaign gears up. On Wednesday, Feb. 18, over 40 union activists packed into a Seattle Labor Temple hall to discuss the challenges working people face and what we need to do to re-elect Councilmember Sawant this autumn.

“Kshama supports worker issues, like livable wages, paid sick leave, and trying to make Seattle an affordable place to live for everyone, especially low-wage workers,” said Paula Lukaszek, a plumber at the University of Washington and President of the Washington Federation of State Employees, Local 1488.

Other workers pointed out the work that lies ahead for us. A union sister from the building trades spoke about rampant wage theft on construction sites. A firefighter said that emergency call volumes are “off the charts;” the Fire Department needs more resources to meet the public need. Lukaszek pointed out that the University of Washington is still resisting paying all workers on campus at least $15/hour. And an SEIU 925 representative spoke about how adjunct faculty members are fighting for union recognition at Seattle University.

We’re better positioned for these fights with Sawant’s continued leadership on the city council. But we know that big business and their political allies will spare no expense trying to unseat Sawant. After all, she led the fight, along with unions, to raise Seattle’s minimum wage to the highest in the nation - $15/hour.  One union activist pointed out that Kshama's re-election will have national implications because it will test whether we can get our own independent working-class candidates re-elected without corporate cash.

“Kshama is the best advocate for Labor, and we need to strongly support her re-election,” said Ian Gordon, Business Manager for Laborers Local 1239, one of the early unions to endorse Sawant’s re-election bid. “We can't lose the most dynamic voice for labor we have on the City Council.  We can't allow a return to business as usual.”

Union activists are lining up endorsements and have pledged to raise money for Sawant’s grassroots campaign. In addition to Laborers 1239, the King County Building Trades Council, IBEW Local 46 and Operating Engineers Local 609 have already officially endorsed. Other unions are planning early endorsements in the coming weeks.

Join the historic movement to re-elect Kshama Sawant in 2015! Click here to make a personal contribution.

- Jonathan Rosenblum

Chris Hedges: "Sawant's Fight is Our Own

In his Truthdig column, Chris Hedges calls on progressives around the U.S. to support Kshama's re-election campaign:

This will be one of the most important elections in the country this year. It will pit a socialist, who refuses all corporate donations—not that she would get many—and who has fearlessly championed the rights of workingmen and workingwomen, rights that are being eviscerated by the corporate machine. The elites cannot let the Sawants of the world proliferate. Corporate power is throwing everything at its disposal—including sponsorship of a rival woman candidate of color—into this election in the city’s 3rd District. Sawant’s fight is our own.

Read more here.

Pramila Jayapal Endorses

Reporting from The Stranger.


Sawant’s campaign is announcing a notable early endorsement in her fight for reelection: Pramila Jayapal, the freshman 37th District senator and founder of the immigrant advocacy group OneAmerica, whose legislative district overlaps some with council district 3.

In an announcement, Jayapal calls Sawant a “powerful and unwavering progressivevoice in city hall for Seattle's working families—from minimum wage to women's empowerment to housing justice.”


15 Now Co-Founder

Kshama Sawant played a vital role as a founder of 15 Now and as a staunch advocate of $15/hour. The first raises go into effect on April 1, 2015.