Kshama Sawant Re-Election Campaign

A Progressive Plan for Affordable Housing

As Seattle grows so does its wealth. This year's election will be critical in determining whether this wealth and our city will be limited to the few, or if prosperity might be shared by all, preserving a culturally vibrant city.

To address the escalating housing crisis, Kshama and seven other City Council candidates unveiled a progressive housing plan to vastly increase affordable housing funding, strengthen tenant protections, reduce homeowner foreclosure, and prevent displacement.

Candidates who endorsed this plan to date include Lisa Herbold (District 1), Tammy Morales and Josh Farris (District 2), Kshama Sawant (District 3), Michael Maddux (District 4), Mercedes Elizalde (District 5), Jon Grant (Position 8), and Bill Bradburd (Position 9). All candidates committed to enact this legislation within their first year in office.

The early endorsers appeal to all other City Council candidates to unite around these common sense proposals, or explain which ones they oppose since voters deserve to know where every candidate stands on the critical issue of affordable housing.

The highlights (read full statement and plan here):

  • Affordable Housing Linkage Fee: Given the building boom, we must require developers to share the cost of mitigating the demand for affordable housing created by development. We can do this now.Fees would be tiered and require 5-10% onsite performance. This would result in an estimated $1 billion in new revenues for the affordable housing Seattleites so desperately need.
  • Push to Lift the Statewide Ban on Rent Regulations: The gains from increasing the minimum wage will be lost if extreme rent hikes aren't addressed. Removing the ban means gaining local control to address unfair rent increases that circumvent our laws to protect tenants.
  • Strengthen Tenants' RightsWe must increase penalties for deposit theft, cap move-in costs and late fees, and require interest accrued on deposits to be returned to tenants.




Media Coverage:

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